I know Mike – and George – beat me to the punch but…seriously…Barrack Obama wins Nobel Prize?


For what? The guy hasnt done a damned thing in nine months except divide the country and embarrass himself in Copenhagen.

Moreover, he was in office only two weeks before the nominations deadline.

Seriously, WTF?

I think I’ll go crawl back into bed and hopefully wake up in a reality based planet.

I wonder if there’s just one Obama supporter who can defend this farce with a straight face.

Update: I think I’ll name him “Alfred”:


Update: Lefty bloggers are awash in their exuberance, not because Obama “won” the Nobel, perse, but because it irritates the right.

Of course, there are some lefties that have completely jumped the shark (via TigerHawk):

President Obama has changed how the world feels about America. He’s lifted the planet’s mood. This guy is global Prozac.

Global Prozac!

The award comes on the heels of a week where:

– Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama cut off funding for Iranian Human Rights Commission.
– Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama refused to meet with the Dalai Lama.
– Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama increased troops to Afghanistan.
– Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama got the royal diss from the IOC.
– Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama was had by the Iranian government.

But hey, you know, global Prozac and all that.

Me? Im not irritated. On the contrary, I’m ecstatic! Finally, proof that unicorns do, in fact, exist.

Update: I swear, the more the left harps on how the right will go nuts, the more fun I have with this.



20 thoughts on “UGHH

  1. I’m pretty sure that I’m close to developing a vaccine for AIDS.
    I deserve the Nobel for medicine.

    I have this great idea for a book.
    I deserve the Nobel for literature.

    The other day I did some pretty complicated math.
    I think I deserve the Nobel for Mathematics.

    I have this great idea about a light-weight plane that runs on air.
    I deserve the Nobel for Physics.

  2. Val,

    I saw this coming … and as a matter of fact on Ziva’s post(9/23/09)
    Obama is inept, narcissistic, and dangerous

    I commented the following … welcome to the cult of personality and the absurd … whatever little credibility the Nobel Peace Prize had, is now totally gone!
    September 23rd, 2009 at 8:01 PM

    One more thing … IMO, all the hoopla about Peace in the Middle East and Climate Change is the prologue for October 9th … when the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 will be announced … we already know he was nominated for it … if they awarded one to Gore, it goes without saying that Obama would be next!

    I wish you well Melek

    “I think Obama has the charisma and the vision to radically reorient America in the world,” ~ George Soros

  3. “The guy hasn’t done a damned thing in nine months except divide the country and embarrass himself in Copenhagen.”

    This is exactly what the Nobel committee loves.

  4. The Nobel Prize is a joke. Perhaps at one time it carried some real weight, but it has become so totally and obscenely politicized that it can no longer be taken seriously. The problem is that it is so imbued with awe by the masses who are clueless [and the mainstream media that shills for all leftist causes] that people actullay believe that it really means something. So, to countless people now, thanks to this farce, Obama will become some type of brilliant statesman.

    Who are these committee members? It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Everyone is scared of the terrible Wizard until Toto pulls the curtain back. The curtain has to be pulled back on the selection committee, these prime time husksters! What a joke.. By the way, don’t forget that they refused to take back Rigoberta Menchu’s Nobel Prize after it was proven that her “autobiography” was a LIE!

  5. Wow, I’m shocked. I recall someone here mentioned Obama was up for the award a few weeks back, I had trouble enough accepting that. This is nutty.

  6. The prize means nothing because he’s done nothing to deserve it. He got it not for what he’s done, but for what the Nobel people want him to do or hope he might do. It’s a pretty sad joke, but it’s not as if this prize wasn’t a joke already.

  7. Under AOL’s headline the link to Politics Daily is running a poll. Thus far (add up to other 3 together against the agree number and, well, you know how shitheaded this was):

    Do you believe President Obama deserved the Nobel Prize?

    Maybe he will some day, but not yet. 2352 (12.0%)

    Yes, he has changed the state of diplomacy. 4197 (21.5%)

    What are they smoking over in Oslo? 6763 (34.6%)

    What for? 6218 (31.8%)

  8. Just woke up out here on the west coast. Logged on to check the email and there it was. The minitrue committee awards the joker a prize. Time to build the bomb shelter. Off to the kitchen for cafe, and maybe something stronger.

  9. Just said a few warm fuzzy words apologizing for America being America. Had ZERO effect on the situation on the ground ANYWHERE, except to reassure our enemies that he is their friend.

    At least Menchu was working at it for more than few minutes…

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