Michael Moore proven a liar on national TV

Our friend George from The Real Cuba on the Michael Moore interview:

Oct. 11 – Michael Moore was interviewed on Friday, October 9, by Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel.

During the interview, Hannity played excerpts from Moore’s documentary “Sicko” where he presented a false view of Cuba’s healthcare.

Hannity then told Moore that he wanted to show him some “undercover videos of real Cuban hospitals,” referring to the videos taken by Dr. Darsi Ferrer at several Havana hospitals in September of 2007,  right at the time when Sicko was being released.

The videos were originally shown in November of 2007 when I appeared as a guest of Hannity and Colmes on Fox and the links have been posted on our page about healthcare in Cuba ever since.

 Not knowing what to say to defend the lies that he showed in Sicko, Moore first claimed that there were “no patients” shown in those hospitals.

When the video continued playing and it showed rooms with patients, including one who was dead and had flies on top of his pajamas, Moore then changed his tune saying that it was not a real hospital because he couldn’t see a doctor or a nurse.

The problem was that Moore was comparing this video, taken undercover inside a Cuban hospital where sometimes it is hard to find a nurse or doctor available, to his staged show at a Havana hospital for foreigners, where his guests received MRIs; X-Rays; and everything else imaginable and had always a crowd of doctors and nurses with them at all times.

In fact, if the video that Hannity showed had been played with the original sound, you could have heard that a relative of one of the patients in that room was the one who told Dr. Ferrer that she thought that one of the patients there had passed away and Dr. Ferrer walked to the patient’s bed, confirmed his death and then asked that person to notify the nurse who was attending another patient nearby.

It is an insult for this fat liar to say that the film was a farce, when Dr. Ferrer is currently being held in a filthy Cuban prison cell precisely for taking videos like these, in an effort to denounce the terrible medical care that Cubans receive, while Moore is making millions filming staged shows like Sicko and portraying them as documentaries to push his own agenda and, in the case of Sicko, to help the Cuban regime’s campaign of propaganda and lies to the outside world about Cuba’s healthcare.

Not being able to say anything else to defend his lies and knowing that he was being proven a liar on national television, Moore opted for a big “Bwaahahaha” and slapped the table trying to interrupt what Hannity was saying.

All in all, a pathetic performance by this pathetic fat liar.

The video courtesy Cubano 1979:



7 thoughts on “Michael Moore proven a liar on national TV

  1. If a person wants to lie, he can say anything and it cannot be refuted when facts are irrelevant. The mistake is even trying to argue with liars.

    As far as our opting for Canadian health care, or Cuban, there are more MRI machines in Philadelphia than there are in all of Canada. And I suspect outside of Castro’s showoff hospitals, there is not one MRI machine. What would you guess?

  2. Honey, you are right, sort of. A study some years ago did show that there were more MRIs in Philly than in Canada (though that study is out of date and things have changed … reports are that the number of MRIs took off in the last few years in Canada).

    But, in any case, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. See here:


  3. Has anyone seen Moore’s new flick “Capitalism: A Love Story”.

    A “centrist” type friend of mine did, and said he was suprised that Moore attacks Chris Dodd, Geithner, and Glodman Sachs ties to Obama. Still I’m obviously weary if it is an “even” critque of both parties.

  4. I dunnow Ziva, I don’t think Jesus would ever say what you and your referenced article are alleging. NOT.

    Memo to the Flatulent Avenger himself: “You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name”. (Deut. 5:11)

  5. Fox News pisses me off at times…and this is no different. That video was cut, plus no audio w/subtitles. come on! Yeah Moore might look like a chump to us, but what about to the audience? That wasn’t enough to convince the “unwashed”. Moore continues to believe his own bullshit, end of story. Bravo, Hannity, do your due diligence by yourself instead of having your staff give you the cliff notes version, next time.

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