New Orleans Mayor in Cuba; Too Absolutely Unreal for commentary

“I think they (Cuban authorities) do a much better job than we (in the U.S.) do on knowing their citizens at a very, very detailed level, block by block,” (New Orleans Mayor, Ray) Nagin said.

Amigos, there is no hint of tongue-in cheek or anything else in Nagin’s comment?

I’m going hunting/fishing tomorrow and it’s late….Nagin has lobbed it over home plate for us, but I’m literally, literally at a loss for words, other than:


Update (Val): Marco Rubio offers Naggin some sage advice.



10 thoughts on “New Orleans Mayor in Cuba; Too Absolutely Unreal for commentary

  1. From the Article: The mayor and 15 U.S. city and state officials, including from police, fire and port agencies, met with Cuban civil defense authorities and saw presentations on how the island’s military mobilizes during disasters.

    … WTF !

  2. I guess you could say the Cuban Government is “Intimately” involved with every aspect of the ciizens’s life. And like they say ” Fidel pretends to pay us, and we pretend to work.” Definitely something our leaders can aspire to: Adopting Cuban standards might not be a bad thing If you think that Chairman Mao was a great man and philosopher.

  3. As spectacularly low-life and embarrassing as Nagin is, he’s not the problem. The problem is people who would vote for him. Follow the voting.

  4. The Cuban government knows the citizens at a “very very detailed level”. That sounds like the east german stasi, or the soviet kgb. This is what you admire nagin? Again, we witness ignorance that is intentional, malicious, and criminal.

  5. Mayor Nagin wouldn’t have known what to do with military resources had he had them in 2005. Lest it not be forgotten – he was unable to “mobilize” a few hundred school buses that the Cuban Military would give their eye teeth for to use in evacuations. When the history of Katrina is revised after it is no longer a political issue, the heroes will be Gen. Honore and Former President George W. Bush – NOT Mayor Nagin or former Governor Blanco. That is all.

  6. Eco,

    I would say Mayor Nagin very successfully blamed George W. Bush for Katrina and the MSM jumped on that bandwagon when it was obvious that Nagin and Governor Blanco were the most to blame because they were responsible for the situation at the local level.

    I say ten years from now they’ll still blame Bush for Katrina and God knows how many more terms Mayor Nagin will continue to serve in New Orleans.

    asombra rightly pointed to the fact that the people that re-elected Mayor Nagin to office are the problem in that city.

    We live in some absurd times in which the lies become truth and the truth becomes lies.

  7. The mayor gotta make sure he gets the buses out of the parking lot before the water raises
    Just common sense.

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