No!..Did I read this learned MSM editorial right?!

Editor in Chief--Seattle Times
Editor in Chief--Seattle Times

“Maria Cantwell calls our attention to a law, signed by President Obama, allowing Cuba to buy U.S. farm produce and pay after the goods are shipped. The law reverses a Treasury ruling during the Bush years that Cuba had to pay in advance — a ruling that stopped the trade (with Cuba) altogether.”

$720 million just last year in U.S. exports to Cuba! We’re Cuba’s BIGGEST food supplier for almost a decade!…and YET..?!

…And YET the editorial staff of an eminently prestigious big-city newspaper was incapable of the ONE Google search that now makes COMPLETE JACKASSES of them ALL!!!

And it get’s better:

“We would repeal the Helms-Burton Act and allow Americans to invest in Cuba, and we would allow some Cuban investment here.”

“Cubans investing in the U.S”!!!

Entire howler here.

Absolutely Un-Freakin-Real



5 thoughts on “No!..Did I read this learned MSM editorial right?!

  1. Cuban Investment in the US? Thought that was already done by those lucky enough to get out. Oh, you mean DGI payoffs? Okay, my bad – they are an “investment” of sorts. -S-

  2. As a frequent sailor to Cuba during Clinton, and the first year of Bush , I can tell you how This will work out. On my passages, and out for a 24 hour overnighter to renew the Visa, I saw 5 US Ships idling offshore at 13 miles , waiting for Cuba to pay up before the goods could be landed. Bush changed it to pay first, then load and ship and deliver. Without doing business in this manner with the Deadbeats of the Socialist Paradise, you will have a Lot of expensive Ships circling enlessly for the Bill to be Paid so they can enter Harbor to unload. Shipping companies cannot afford this!

  3. As for the Cuban investments in the US- it looks like Those have paid off Handsomely! Fidel sent a Group in 95-96 who have fleeced the Medicare system for Billions of Dollars, and then ran back to Cuba for their Hero of the Revolution medals, and a fat life with extra rations on the Libretta. Not stupid, this Fidel! Stupid the Cubans in Miami who shrug at this kind of Fraud without knowing Who it really benefits, and letting their reputation among non-Cubans go down the Tube.

  4. Sure what a great idea, I can see the headlines “Cubans, send a battalion of Cuban Doctors to Appalachians, people who normall can’t pay $500 to see specialist get to see a Dr. for the first time!”
    Not such a bad idea for Cuban to help out we been helping them out long enough..

    Right my leotards friends?

    I can picture Michael Moore salivating over the idea…

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