6 thoughts on “Christian Pilgrims to Bethlehem Honor Che Guevara

  1. Maybe she thought because of the face, hair, and beard that it was a Jesus scarf? Wait who am I fooling, what a dumb #*?!

  2. That damn Che photo is destined to haunt us exiles forever – it goes to show that you can build up a body count as long as your photogenic _ what a sad and pathetic world.

  3. The only place I would have a Che picture is at the bottom of my toiler bowl, so I could shit on it for the rest of my life.

  4. After looking closely, it appears the words “Cuba” and “Che” appear at the bottom of the dish rag – so there goes any claim of innocent ignorance.

    She probably bought it during her sunny trip to Veradero in “paradise”, walled off from the “hungry natives”

  5. If she were a Christian in Cuba back in the sixties her hero che would have gagged her with that scarf and put her against a wall and shot bullets into her.

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