Disco Che??!!


Picture (or Photoshop)…a black beret with a star on the above SINVERGUENZA! (hint to any photoshop wiz out there)

Does anything crank up a party better (for those of a certain age) than pulling out the old Disco-era picture album?

Not that this New Years’ party needed much MORE cranking up..But still !!!

Just thought I’d share…

(…and BTW, the folks above CELEBRATED their 31st wedding anniv. two weeks ago, in a blow-out not much different from the New Years Eve.)

Absolutely Un-Freakin-Real.



5 thoughts on “Disco Che??!!

  1. I cannot believe I actually had shoes like that waaaay back then. And the darned things are back in style.

    No wonder my younger sister chose podiatry as her specialized field in medicine.

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