Cuba Experts as Shrewd as Super Bowl Experts

Another Cuba Expert.

“Cuba has demonstrated few signs of wanting a closer relationship with the United States,” DNI Adm. Dennis Blair said in his prepared remarks. “President Raúl Castro fears that rapid or significant economic change would undermine regime control and weaken the revolution, and his government shows no signs of easing his repression of political dissidents.

Here’s a tax-saving tip for Obama: boot all those high-salaried “Experts.” Instead simply walk into Versailles Rest. and ask advice from the first intransigent you see. I’f ya’ll had done that a year ago–instead of listening to Saladrigas, Jorgito Mas, Joe Garcia–and other such “disinterested” parties, you wouldn’t have so much (rotten) egg on your face right now.

And just for the heck of it, here’a a few more Cuba Experts:

“We have seen Raul Castro’s comments and we welcome this overture… We are taking a very serious look at it. We are continuing to look for productive ways forward, because we view the present policy as having failed. Engagement is a useful tool to advance our national interests.” (Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, April 2009)

“Positive developments are occurring in Cuba. It is clear that the recent (Cuban) leadership changes have created an opportunity for the United States to reevaluate a complex relationship marked by misunderstanding, suspicion, and open hostility,” (Senator Richard Lugar Feb 24th. 2009)



4 thoughts on “Cuba Experts as Shrewd as Super Bowl Experts

  1. Sorry to be off topic here, but you were mentioned on Marc Thiessen’s “Courting Disaster”. He referred to your book in reference to how the Leftist complaining about the conditions the terrorist have in GITMO, yet the Left don’t say anything Cuban political prisoners.

  2. Mr. Mojito,
    Throw out the rinos and liberals. But do not throw out the conservatives.
    Let’s be very clear about that.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, amigo Jerome. Thiessen is a brilliant writer/commentator and a great friend of our cause (in perfect keeping with his friendship for freedom everywhere.) I’ve communicated with him but didn’t know about the reference, for which I’m grateful.

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