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  1. = funded by exiles in Miami who send $ back to their family.

    Some hard working “intransigent” in Little Havana is funding these parties in Castro’s Cuba. 🙁

  2. Pimping the daughter for a wealthy foreigner or high official in the Communist party, aren’t they? Disgusting! And CNN, trying to make the rest of the world believe that “the Special Period” (which has never ended in fact, it’s even worse) is now over…doubly disgusting!

  3. Well, I that just because Lucia Newman is no longer the official CNN Cuba correspondent that hasn’t stopped CNN from doing staged fluff pieces out of Cuba!

  4. On my regular trips out of Miami Int’l early in the morning, I see the long line of mulas — excuse me, exile relatives — lined up with their plastic-wrapped bulky, outlandish cargo on the concourse dedicated to the “Cuban charter flights” as one airport gopher called it in response to my questions. They’re carrying all kinds of stuff and lots of ca$$$h to celebrate 15’s and weddings and birthdays, and some no doubt headed for some plastic surgery clinic. They chit-chat, laugh, and make a grand old time of the long wait.

    It is painful for me to watch and remain calm and civilized, but I remind myself, you’re in the USA. And I also remind myself, This is the reason Castro’s still there and it may never be over.

    God forbid. But there’s no shame.

  5. I agree with Gigi. All that one has to do is look at the mulas to understand why Castro is still in power.

    Most Cuban “exiles” who come over nowadays have no concept of sacrifice or national dignity. They’re willing to go back to Cuba as soon as they’ve made enough money to return. Some of them don’t even wait until they’ve earned the money themselves. A friend was recently telling me about a Cuban woman he knows who recently arrived and already she borrowed money to go to Cuba so that she could go to a relative’s birthday party!!!

  6. Cubans recently arrived are going back and celebrating daughters 15s on the island. The end of the Cuban Adjustment Act is overdue, all these “footsies” characters whether wet or dry are no diferrent than mexican economic immigrants.
    After 51 years of tyranny alot pertaining to Cuba has to be analyzed and reevaluated.

  7. Cato, you are so very right!! These days, the Cuban Adjustment Act is just a huge embarrassment. These people are not about escaping repression, they don’t understand nor appreciate freedom when they finally reach it. They come to this country to get as much as they can, while they parrot off all of the venom against the US that the system has ingrained in them from the moment of their birth. I’m not one who is hopeful about a truly democratic and decent Cuba in the future with so many dysfunctional people populating the island. The annihilation of the nation will outlive the Castros by a very long time.

    For my part, I feel that at least our experience should be enough that we should be able to warn others in countries where they may face similar circumstances. Venezuela comes to mind, but so far, few are really listening…..

  8. The Dilemma: How do you “re-re-educate” a nation that has been re-educated and brainwahsed with cultural and economic Marxism from birth ?

    I think it will take 2 generations at least.

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