MTV Cribs in Cuba!

Via The Real Cuba:

Of course, your average lefty, useful idiot or CNN journalists will witness the abject poverty this Cuban lives under and say something like:

“While they live under abject poverty, this Cuban, like all others on the island, is thankful for what little he has and as you can tell by the video, is happy.”

Like, what the fuck else is he gonna do? Fucking cry?



6 thoughts on “MTV Cribs in Cuba!

  1. This guy’s place is actually a lot nicer than my house in Cuba. We applied (yes, you had to apply) to get a gas stove in 1976 because we had asthmatics in the household, and the kerosene cooking contraptions were almost dadly to them. I left in 1995, and we still hadn’t gotten it. For most of my childhood, my mother’s 1958 Hotpoint fridge was kept closed by a chain wrapped around it, and secured with a padlock. The heavy door would fall on us, kids, once in a while because the hinges had rotten away. The last time the house could be painted before we left, I was just starting “pre-escolar” (kindergarten), and I left when I was 21. Oh, yeah, and my house was not the worst in the neighborhood either, nor was the neighborhood the worst of the city, and so on…

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  3. I think the subtle message that the professional CNN journalist was trying to convey here is that although there is poverty in Cuba because of the embargo and the influence of radical Cubans in Miami who hold Cuban policy hostage is that although the Cuban government is unable to provide in a material sense it compensates by imparting huge amount of happiness upon its loyal citizens.

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