“In a recent poll 85% of Venezuelans said they did not want their country to become like Cuba.”

Wow! And some people are still wondering what Ramirito Valdes is doing in Venezuela? The Economist gets it right……except for one detail.

“In A small fishing village on the Caribbean coast of Venezuela stands a plinth. Unveiled by government officials in 2006, it pays homage to the Cuban guerrillas sent by Fidel Castro in the 1960s to help subvert Venezuela’s then recently restored democracy. Almost entirely bereft of popular support, the guerrilla campaign flopped.”

It “flopped” mainly because the Castroite guerrillas were stomped out with the help of Luis Posada Carriles……And some people wonder why Castro still has it in for him? At the time the U.S. found Posada a useful “friend.”..We’ll soon see how they return his favors.

PLUS! Those Cuban guerrillas exterminated in Venezuela had all been crack valedictorians of Cuba’s “School of Guerrilla Warfare”, founded by that masterful guerrilla: Che Guevara!!!



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  2. “CIA operative linked to the 1976 bombing of a passenger aircraft that killed 73.”

    Linked alright, by the castro propaganda machine, the real culprit in the bombing. I am so sick of the witch hunt against Luis Posada Carrilles and other true Cuban patriots. I fervently pray that he will be left in peace, and if the US ever monkey trials him and extradites him to Cuba or Venezuela, then America deserves what ever that bad karma brings. For a long time, I have been of opinion that the US will not be able to set itself right until it does right by Cuba and if the US f**ks Posada well, then f**k the US, as it may well be my country of birth, but it will no longer be the nation of my allegience. I refuse to support any government complicent with stalinist tyranny. May God save America and Cuba.
    I second the obove, God Bless Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch!

  3. One wonders if Chavez will be crowned Emperor Maximillian II

    can’t wait until some left wing movie director

    makes a film to the tune of “Una Paloma”

    about his final end.

  4. the Cuban attempt to create a thousand Vietnams threw the institutions of focos failed miserably throughout Latin America. I assume that the sainted Posada Carriles. He was helpful but not indispensable. Felix Rodriguez was ten times the man that Posada Carriles was without getting his hands as dirty. I have said before that I don’t begrudge Posada Carriles actions at the time it is just that there needs to be a recognition in what is deemed to be permissable behavior in these times. He is in trouble now because he didn’t keep his head down when he should have and he was still playing games when it was apparent that his activities were no longer condoned. I thank him for his service, appreciate his love of country but he is on his own.

  5. Out of curiousity – who here thinks that Carilles did bring down the airliner? I have heard exiles split on this issue. If he did, which I think is a possibility, it could be justified considering the conflict.

  6. he did it, he’s proud of it and frankly that was then this is now. a lot of people did a lot of things – it was the way that war was fought. Washington had slaves, Lincoln found blacks inferior, things happen and times change. Can you possibly condone what happened using today’s morality, no you can’t. At the time however, it was how this war was fought. He was tried for his crimes and ended up with a good ruling (for him). What I’ve long said is that while many have moved on to other less violent fronts, Posada kept at it till the bitter end.

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