20 thoughts on “Iran a nuclear power

  1. That’s why Iran should have never been allowed to acquire nuclear technology in the first place.

    A nuclear Iran means that everything will go from bad to worse in the Middle East in the future unless the USA and the State of Israel immediately act.

    Since the USA won’t do anything under Barack Hussein Obama leadership (for the obvious reason, that I leave to your imagination), the State of Israel is left on it’s own to respond to this treat.

    I have a feeling that it will get very ugly from this point on because if Israel does something there’ll be a big conflict in the region and if they do nothing Iran will attack Israel with nukes down the line.

  2. I fully expect, given our current gov’t, the recalcitrant russians and chinese, that Iran will be a “nuclear-ready” state by the end of the year. And there’s no putting that genie back in the bottle short of military action that captures or destroys the enriched uranium.

  3. Once (Shia) Iran has nukes, then (Sunni) Saudi Arabia will want nukes for obvious strategic reasons. Then Egypt and Syria will want nukes to maintain the balance of power. Thus Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria will all have nukes and be looking down the barrel at Israel.

  4. It’s all Israel’s fault -er, it’s all Bush’s fault.
    No, in the Middle East EVERYTHING is Israel’s fault.

  5. Truth be told, we can thank Jimmy Carter and the Democrats for this. His administration turned its back on the Shah, thus facilitating his fall and the subsequent seizure of Iran by these animals. I wouldn’t expect much positive for our national interests from this administration either.

  6. Not only that – Jimmy Carter rhapsodized over Khomeini and sold him to the U.S. as the only alternative to the Shah.

  7. Now things will go from very bad to much worse for our country and the current administration as the USA will have to deal with a very volatile foreign policy issue that it won’t be able to ignore (and is not capable of dealing with as Obama does not have what it takes to tackle it) along with the huge economic problems we’re currently facing aggravated by this current administration policies .

    Now the American people will come to realize how much of a mistake they made by electing the lightweight, Marxist Anti-American bullshit artist to the highest office.

    Pray that the street protests in Iran lead to a mass revolt that unseats Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs from power because if not, sooner or later we’ll witness another huge conflict in the Middle East and this time it will involve the use of nuclear weapons in the area.

  8. Yes Mr. Mojito,

    Maybe, just maybe some pieces of a strange and dangerous puzzle are beginning to fall in place.

  9. Touche or not touche “La CACA” will hit the fan regarding this issue sooner or later in the Middle East.

    I certainly don’t like these developments coming out of Iran.

    On the other hand we all knew Iran will end up with nukes as nothing concrete has been done up to this point to stop Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs.

    It is obvious that the world has not learned the lessons of WWII.

  10. Aww, damn it anyway! I had a bet going the little monkey bastard was going to announce he’s the first and only gay guy in Iran …

    Good thing I didn’t double-down over shots and beer last night.

    Damn you, Amydidherdad! Come out of the closet!

  11. The White house official response was that this statement was based more on political posturing than on scientific fact.
    The White believes that Iran is still years away from nuclear fission and Iran has stated repeatedly that its aims are to develop nuclear power for peaceful means, our own president has stated that he believed that Iran does have the right to develop nuclear technology and has said so in past statements. The most recent nuclear assessment a comprehensive study by the NIE stated that Iran has no military nuclear program. This report preempted and set back military planning for the need for any military action either by the US or Israel. The world is becoming vastly overpopulated and there are those within the elite governing circles that believe that a conflict from which 1/3 of the earth population perish will lead to greater control and cooperation between world governments and might not be a bad thing.

  12. Ziva,
    There are two things of interest in this article. The first is why this sudden worry that if Obama chooses to go to war with Iran it would boost his ratings? I do not think this is anything to worry about because Obama would not do this. And where is the guarantee that it would make him more popular?
    The other thing is if Israel has a clever weapon, what good is served to announce it to the world and tell exactly how it works. Generally I like less talk and more action.

  13. Honey, I don’t think Obama’s going to declare war on Iran either. It’s the author presenting his opinion on how Israel might respond to the Iranian threat. FTR, EMP’s are not a secret weapon.

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