Smile!..You’re on……….!!!

“The American actor Jack Nicholson was another celebrity who was bugged and taped thoroughly during his stay in Havana’s Hotel Meliá Cohiba,” revealed Fernandez, the man in charge of the bugging. “We bugged his room thoroughly. “Famous Americans are the priority objectives of Castro’s intelligence,” reports Fernandez. “When the celebrity visitors arrived at the Hotels Nacional, Meliá Habana and Meliá Cohiba, we already had their rooms completely bugged with sophisticated taping equipment. But not just the rooms, we’d also follow the visitors around, sometimes we covered them 24 hours a day. They had no idea we were tailing them.”

More intransigence and fun here.



10 thoughts on “Smile!..You’re on……….!!!

  1. Whoops! It’s still early out here in Central Time…And I’m still not fully-recovered from the Super Bowl festivities (which stretched till Wed. night)

    Plus–and maybe this fits right in with such as Nicholson and his Hollywood chums–it’s SNOWING like crazy right now just north of Super Beauxl-ville! So I got distracted and didn’t notice that Val had already posted on this..sorry, amigo!….

    and one more: WHO-DAT!!!

  2. Ohhh, I’m sure Jack and the rest of the Hollycritters don’t mind in the least …

    But that damn Bush … You know he completely trashed our rights of privacy for eight years.

  3. This should be publicized in every newspaper and on every tv and radio talk show.
    How do we get copies of this material?
    Why do people tell about this? Are they not afraid of the repercussions for blabbing?

  4. Humberto, great piece! I can’t wait to see all the dirt once the whole thing crumbles down. Small point – but the part about “Naomi twittered” (in 1998?), might be a little bit ahead of its time.

  5. honey this might not make the papers, but footage may soon appear on “adult” websites.
    Those guys will pay mucho dinero for that celluloid (oops forgot were in the digital age).

  6. Amiga, amazing as it may seem, there was a day–and not that long ago–when “twitter” was used to denote an actual (giddy/silly) manner of SPEECH, a synonym to “giggled.” So I’m showing my age, but that’s what I meant.

    But thanks!

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