Start the hoses flowing

Top Taliban scumbag captured.

The Taliban’s top military commander was captured in a joint operation by U.S. and Pakistani forces in Karachi and is being questioned in the same city, sources confirmed to Fox News late Monday.

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar is the most important Taliban figured to be caught since the war in Afghanistan began. He is close to the Islamic group’s spiritual leader Mullah Muhammad Omar and to Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden.

Start the waterboarding party now.



3 thoughts on “Start the hoses flowing

  1. Two things, George:

    1) oddly, this comes on the heels of a couple scathing reports on the Obama Admin run military operation depending too much on KILLING guys such as this, as opposed to trying to take them alive for important intel info. Just a hmmm …

    Oh, and as for hoses … a good beating with hoses and then the waterboarding.

    2) also, oddly, the NY Times knew about this and sat on it (rightly so) BUT because the administration and the military asked them to … Um, don’t recall the NYT being so ‘patriotic’ with the Bush admin., or the military, for 8 years … hmmm.

  2. drillanwr, as for #1, that is probably one of the only things Obama is doing right – and that I won’t criticize him for. They need to kill every taliban I think, they can give their intel to the devil.

  3. Mr. Mojito –

    I absolutely agree. But grab them, waterboard them, get as much info ASAP … then shoot them.

    One bullet, one kill.

    The Bush Administration had many big kills and captures. For the press to now act as if this was unique is pathetic.

    So, questions for the monkey Gibbs, was he read his “Miranda Rights”? Will he tried in a US civilian court? Or will he be released and follow the John Brennan fuzzy math percentages and not be one of the 20% recidivist terrorists?

    We need intel on ‘players’ and contacts and operations. It cuts our ‘work’ down, and even enables our Spec Ops/SEALS to do surgical missions that are more effective and less costly to our troops. That takes serious interrogation. I don’t have any faith in this Administration allowing our CIA etc. to do their jobs. As it is, I’m to understand the Paki intel agency has been ‘questioning’ the guy. Hey, Obama, does that count as ‘rendition’??

    What also pisses me off is that this current mission in Helmend had so much press prior to its beginning. What the hell was that about? We never knew about specific missions until they were well under-way.

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