Rare is the evening where I sit down to watch the local news broadcast. I just can’t stomach them for the most part as what you’re getting is recycled news regurgitated by a talking head with poundcake thick make-up.

But I felt compelled to monitor our local news broadcasts last night, being that this is Miami, a city with a huge Cuban-American community, and of course that a Cuban prisoner of conscience was basically murdered by the regime that incarcerated him.

Not a one mentioned the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo during their six o’clock broadcasts.

Nor do they have any information on this heartbreaking story up on their website:

WFOR CBS (who ran a 5 minute piece on a woman’s cat being accidentally killed)
WPLG (who have a piece on Lula stating the fidel is alive and doing well)

Four stations serving a community and not a single one covered the murder of a man who was only seeking his freedom.



7 thoughts on “SHAME

  1. Val – that is par for the course once it comes to local english language media. If there isn’t video – it doesn’t get covered. Car accidents, homicides, burglaries and vandalism…throw in a smattering of gimmicky health reports and canned interviews with network stars plugging their new show and voila!

    I used to mock spanish language media but Telemundo and Univision for all their sensationalism cover more hard news in a day than their english counterparts do all week.

  2. They are not serving the community. They are serving themselves and, maybe except for FOX, the left-wing agenda to which they are so devoted.

  3. On the other hand, Val, most of the English written blogosphere (the bigger sites, anyway) haven’t covered it either. I read Instapundit daily, and he hasn’t sais a word. Aside from the Cuban and Cuban-American blogs, the only other site that is covering it, is my good friend Joan Antoni’s. He’s a great Catalán, and a proven friend of a free Cuba:

  4. Well, the Brit press DID cover it in an unusually lengthy article; you can find the link on Drudge.

    And not having video is a bogus excuse; Yoani, for one, posted a video that was posted here yesterday. It may be local media in Miami doesn’t give a !@$%^!, or (my take on it) are deliberately ignoring the news so they don’t have to deal with it.

  5. See my comment on worthless nigger above.
    Jay Nordlinger gave this tragedy a mention in his Impromptus.
    Does anyone here call or write local papers to complain about this? I think a good bombardment of calls and letters might not be a bad idea at this moment, no matter what the papers’ response is.

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