Where’s the international campaign to free Cuba?

You’d think that 51 years of barbaric tyranny would be enough to capture world opinion. I came across these powerful words written to free Mandela; change a few of them and they more than apply to Cuba, except of course that there is NO international campaign to free Cuba’s political prisoners, or to liberate the Cuban people from the repression, terror and aggression with which the regime sustains itself.

“For 25 51 years, the South African Cuban people and the world community have demanded the release of Nelson Mandela (choose from the very long list of Cuban political prisoners), and other political prisoners as the first essential step toward freedom and peace in South Africa Cuba. This account gives only some highlights of the campaign in numerous countries and communities that ignore the barbaric treatment Cuba’s prisoners are subjected to.

Resisting these demands and keeping Mandela Oscar Biscet, Darsi Ferrer, etc. in prison, the racist regime has tried to perpetuate white domination at the cost of enormous suffering to the people. Thousands of people have been killed, injured and tortured, tens of thousands have been detained. The resources of the country have been squandered to build the military machine and to carry on an unceasing war against the people of South Africa, Cuba, Namibia and the neighbouring independent African States and to export “revolution” to vulnerable spots around the world.

The “Free Mandela much wanted Free Cuba’s Political Prisoners campaign is would be a call to stop this carnage and the drift to disaster. The racist regime is not only unwilling, but has proved incapable, of leading the country out of the morass. It is a criminal regime, devoid of any legitimacy, while Mandela the political prisoners represent the ideals cherished by humanity and has inspired the world many even from prison. The campaign must not only continue with greater determination, but must be backed by all sanctions on the Botha castro regime to force it to heed reason.

Forty Fifty-one years of apartheid – and of the escalating repression, terror and aggression with which it sustains itself – are more than humanity can afford to tolerate.”

Read all of it here.



3 thoughts on “Where’s the international campaign to free Cuba?

  1. Excellent post. I was at the DMV yesterday and was glancing at all the different personalized tags available. I saw one that said Free Tibet and wondered why not Free Cuba? Of course not. Very, very frustrating.

  2. Ziva,

    That’s a great find. Sad thing is that if one starts searching one can find endless examples of this double standard. How many hundreds of people from black congressional caucus members to performers to commentators to editorialists asked for an absolute, total embargo on Haiti and South Africa, but now want total engagement with Cuba!?!

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