509 to 30

That’s the vote tally from the European Union in their official condemnation of the castro regime for its murder of political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo:

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday strongly condemning the “avoidable and cruel” death of Cuban political prisoner Orlando Zapata and voicing its concern at the “alarming state” of another prisoner, Guillermo Fariñas. MEPs also repeat their call to the Cuban government for the “immediate and unconditional” release of all political prisoners and urge the EU to begin a “structured dialogue” with Cuban civil society.

Parliament, which approved the resolution by 509 votes to 30 with 14 abstentions, strongly condemns the “avoidable and cruel” death of political dissident Orlando Zapata, after a hunger strike of 85 days, and expresses its solidarity and sympathy with his family. MEPs also condemn the pre-emptive detention of activists and the government’s attempt to prevent the family of Orlando Zapata from holding his funeral and paying their last respects.

As a result, the Spanish government has abandoned its efforts to persuade the EU to change its position on Cuba. The Real Cuba reports:

March 11 – The Spanish government will abandon its efforts to persuade the European Union to change its Common Position on Cuba, which essentially conditions EU relations on Cuba’s human rights record.

The announcement was made on Thursday by Ramón Jáuregui, vice president of Spain’s socialist delegation to the European Parliament, minutes after that body voted to condemn the Castro regime by 509 to 30, for the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos has been trying to convince the EU to change its policy, which was adopted at the request of the conservative government of former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar, but the murder of Orlando Zapata derailed any possibility of convincing the other members of the EU to go along with Spain’s recommendation.

Jáuregui spoke after the vote, to explain why the Socialist delegation voted in favor of the resolution to condemn the Castro regime, in what seemed to be a conflict with the Spanish government policy up to now.

“Spain wanted a consensus to renovate the frame of the EU relations with Cuba, but we do not want an absolute break of the common position,” he said.

It seems that the Spanish government was surprised at the lopsided vote against the Cuban regime and decided to drop its attempt to relax the EU’s current policy on dealing with Cuba’s totalitarian regime.

So, basically, a man had to die in order for Spain to do what’s right in the first place.



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  1. This is all bullshit!….”votes” “resolutions” “common position”…blah…blah…yada…yada..

    a buncha come-mierderia, typical of “multilateral forums.”

    Will the Europeans cut-off Castro’s credit line?

    That’s all I wanna know?!

    But I know the ‘freakin answer….

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