A fat rat makes his way off the sinking ship

As legend has it, the first occupants that jump off a sinking ship are usually the rats. As Shakespeare inferred in The Tempest, it is a rat’s instinct that leads him to abandon an unseaworthy vessel long before its human occupants realize its eventual demise. So it should not come as a surprise to anyone that one of the fattest rats that has lived in the bowels of the Castro ship of hate, scavenging off the human remains of tens of thousands of Cuban martyrs for the past half-century, has grabbed his guitar and his cash and jumped off the sinking ship, Tyranny of the Seas.

Pablito Milanés–one of Fidel Castro’s most faithful and obedient rats–has decided that the recent events taking place in Cuba foretell the ultimate end of the 50+ year cruise he and his fellow rats have enjoyed. And with the great Castro ship of death taking on more water than it can expel, he has experienced a sudden conversion and decided that he is really not all that crazy about his ship’s captain or his propensity for murdering his passengers. From the safety of his abode in Spain, the Mexican online news service Milenio reports that Pablito the Rat has second thoughts about Castro’s Revolución(my translation, so please forgive any errors):

This past weekend, asked by Spain’s El Mundo (where Milanés has resided the last few years), the founder, along with Silvio Rodriguez, of the Cuban Nueva Trova during the late 1960’s, called for a “condemnation from the human point of view,” the hunger strike of dissident Guillermo Fariñas because “ideas are to be debated and battled, not jailed.”

He was asked what have the revolutionaries done with the Revolution? “They have stayed frozen in time,” he answered. “And history should advance with new ideas and new men. They have turned into reactionaries of their own ideas. That is why I have said there is a need for another revolution.”

When will there finally be elections in Cuba? “I am not a fortune teller” he replied, “but I wish it would be as soon as possible. But more than elections, I want there to be change in Cuba because I don’t believe in elections.”

What type of freedom is Miami? “It is a liberty that Cubans search for with all honesty. Sometimes, many of them do not find it because there is nothing like living in one’s own country.”

For the uninformed, Pablito’s apparent conversion may come across as a sudden spiritual awakening when one considers his decades of obeisance to a murderous dictator. But this conversion was not so much a Road-to-Damascus-type conversion but it was instead brought on by a rat’s strong instinct to survive. Seeing the hull of his master’s ship sinking deeper into its watery grave, Pablito’s rat-sense has started to tingle and he must do whatever it takes to ensure his survival.

His words may convince those who are oblivious to the vile and despicable role rats like Milanés and others like him have played as accomplices to a tyrannical dictator, but the unenlightened will not be able to help him avoid the eventual reckoning he will face when Cuba is finally free. In the end, it does not matter what he says today, or tomorrow–Pablito Milanés is a rat, and no free man wants vermin in his house.



10 thoughts on “A fat rat makes his way off the sinking ship

  1. Alberto,in my opinion,this interview is like some others that this rat has done outside Cuba,of course.And remember also that this rat,like Silvio Rodriguez and others “trouvadores cubanos” has his own inteligence agent who “takes care” of everything related with his activities,including interviews,concerts,”finances”,etc.
    In my opinion,the Castros know that when they die,Cuba will suffer “some changes”,and they want those “changes” to be mild in areas like Castros’ family and properties,also the basics ideas of socialism,antiamericanism,etc.
    I believe we are seing a new wave of rats disenchanted with the Castro regime,but not exactly with it’s ideals of socialism and trying to suggest “borron y cuenta nueva”,among others “ideas”.


  2. I believe this is the beginning of many “death bed conversions” that we will be seeing. These opportunistic socialists are much like those who have recently come to the US from Cuba. We will see them “converted” due to supposedly just now “seeing the light” in order to hold onto a bit of wealth and fame. We are also seeing it on the survivalist side with the likes of Dalia having her property in Venezuela in the event that something goes awry in utopia. Once castro and co. sink we will see a magical transformation of starving rats saying that they always hated fidel and just were not allowed to express it.
    As more time goes by I feel that Cuba is more of a people than a country. And with that there is no longer any Cuba in Cuba. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a handful of patriots within the dissident ranks, but it is the exception and not the rule. Cuba as a country died 50 years ago. Yet Cuba still exists within my heart. But it is not the geographical Cuba, but the personal Cuba.
    May the ship sink and take the many rats with it. Cuba’s future is to be another Haiti. They have taken Cuba out of Cuba and there is nothing left.

  3. The FAT RAT still wants a ‘plantation’ for Cuba – just a different ‘slave master’…

    “…Hay que pasar el testigo a las nuevas generaciones para que hagan otro socialismo, porque este socialismo ya se estancó.”

  4. “Cuba as a country died 50 years ago”

    This is very true pototo, as it is going to take generations to cleanse the destruction the Castro brothers created and we probably may not live to see it.

    On the other hand there is always hope as the martyrdom of Zapata Tamayo and the sacrifice of Coco Farinas (individuals that once were a product of the “Robolution” and later rejected it) always gives hope that a part of Cuba that is willing to rebuild a new nation can be rescued from the ashes of the Castro holocaust.

    Time will tell, as these days we cannot yet foresee what the final outcome of the Castro tyranny in Cuba. There is hope but, there are also so many question marks due to the state and mindset of the people in the island.

    What I’m more concerned is about the many Cuban rats that litter the Cuban and international landscape these days that want the “borron y cuenta nueva” scenario that Tony44 accurately portrayed. These bastards deserve to pay for their complicity with the Castro tyranny.

    What annoys me the most is that these hypocritical rats like to live in capitalist luxury while proclaiming the greatness of the Castro regime (very much like the Hollywood idiots).

    These rats deserve the hardest punishment as they have been accomplices of Cuba’s destruction for the last 51 years.

  5. Pototo,
    Totally agree. Just one comparison alone is enough to give one the shivers

    Compare this…
    – the “country” that Batista left for Castro, with
    – the “country” that Castro will leave to another.

    Anyone can analyze ANY aspect of factual data on Cuban life, culture, structure, economic, moral, etc….between then and now, and the enormity of the 50 years of destruction is incalculable.

  6. I believe that Cuba will one day be free and return to her former glory.

    Sadly I think that day may come in the 22nd century 🙁

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