The Tide is Turning

The Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar has added his name to the petition “I Accuse the Cuban Government” along with thousands of others from all over the world. Two other Spanish celebrities, Ana Belén and Victor Manuel, also signed the petition showing their solidarity with the dissidents in Cuba. Although they are only signatures, these acts of support by some of Spain’s most well known glitterati could be an indication that after more than fifty years of vile indifference to the suffering of the Cuban people, the tide is turning.

Thanks to the internet, the news of the reprehensible assassination of Orlando Zapata Tamayo by the Cuban dictatorship has reached all corners of the world. With every email, Tweet, and Facebook posting coming out of the island, the world is finally coming closer to the realization that Cuba is not a country, but a huge slave plantation where the slave masters punish their slaves with death when they disobey or dare question their master.

After the political execution of Zapata, my worst fear was that the world would soon bury his memory in the vast and unmarked grave in oblivion where the long forgotten memories of thousands of other Cuban martyrs are buried. But as each day passes, his memory is growing stronger and I am seeing a reaction from those who never spoke out for the oppressed in Cuba that–at least in my lifetime–I have never seen.

The tide indeed appears to be turning and with each new signature and each new declaration of solidarity, we come that much closer to finally achieving the end of oppression in Cuba.

If you have not yet signed the petition, you can add your name and your support HERE.



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