7 thoughts on “Video de la represion y golpiza a las damas de blanco

  1. Las Damas de Blanco are so brave. I am in awe. The valor that they need in order to confront that foaming-at-the-mouth vicious group of castroite mercenaries is considerable.

    I wish that the American MSM would cover this in the same manner that they used to cover the pro-Castroite Mothers of La Plaza de Mayo. I guess that they are too afraid of losing their Havana Bureau.

  2. Mr. Mojito, the whole situation is beyond depressing, and I can never figure out how if it bothers me so much, how you all can stand it. In the meantime, these past few weeks since the murder of Zapata, the regime has received the worst press I’ve seen since I started blogging 5 years ago. I’m a firm believer that things can only get so bad before they start to get better. After 51 years, that better is sorely past due. Un fuerte abrazo Mr. Mojito, don’t give up on Cuba yet.

  3. Ziva,
    You are saying what I have been thinking. Keep these names in the public eye as much as possible. Now Cuba can have its Sharansky’s, its Sakharov’s. If they have names and faces, it is harder for them to be ignored.
    I have been thinking that this regime’s days are numbered now. While our country is going down the tubes, Cuba could become free.
    Wouldn’t that be a kick in the gut? I wish this could be the beginning fo the end for those bastards in power.

  4. Im sure someone in Cuba is writing down all these peoples’ names. These individuals all have government connections, either through the Secret Police, the CDR or the Rapid Response Brigades. There will be a blood bath when the Cuban government falls.

  5. Ziva,

    While it may be true that the regime is receiving the worst press it has received in 5 years, we’ve seen this all before. I remember when the 75 dissidents among them Raul Rivero were rounded up. Leftist intellectuals like Saramago “parted with castro,” the European Union instituted sanctions, Pedro Almodovar participated in an anti-castro protest in Madrid and major newspapers around the world ran critical editorials.

    A few years later, Zapatero was elected Prime Minister of Spain and raul inherited the throne. All that raul had to do was to make a few feeble farcical reforms and the sanctions were lifted and the regime was rewarded. Little did it matter that most of those 75 dissidents were still rotting in jail.

    I don’t mean to be pessimistic, and I hope that I am wrong, but the regime knows how to play the game. It has all the time in the world. If in a few months, raul makes another farce of a reform, or makes a ridiculous statement suggesting that he is willing to extend an olive branch, the Zapatero’s of the world, the New York Times editorialists, the Ivy League “intellectuals” and the Cuba experts [who are all very quiet now. They are always very quiet in the midst of these skirmishes], will come out from under their rocks asking for everything to be forgiven and forgotten.

    With this I am not suggesting that we sit back and do nothing. On the contrary, we have to exploit the moment and support these brave mothers with all of our might, blogging away, writing articles, contacting newspapers, etc…

    I guess that I’ve had my optimism dashed so many times before that I keep it in check.

  6. Rayarena, all you say is correct, but keep in mind how bad things are in Cuba and that we now have one thing that didn’t exist in 2003 or before. We have a communication infrastructure between the island and the exile community, via the internet. In 2003 during the Black Spring crackdown this didn’t exist. There was no You Tube with videos of the atrocities just hours or a day later, visual proof that Granma’s hollow lies are unable to counter. There was no Cuba blogs, now there are hundreds, and certainly none of them were written from Cuba. Now Yoani is one of Time´s 100 most important people, and the ranks are growing. Don´t think the regime hasn´t tried to stop it, but they can´t. All their best efforts to do so have failed, and there is no longer a glamorous leader giving hours long speeches in Havana mesmerizing the masses. Only two ugly old tyrants on their way to deaths door. I think history´s page is about to turn.

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