Hillary teams with Cuba for “free” Haiti castrocare

The U.S. and Cuba held a rare, unusual, unprecedented meeting over at the United Nations yesterday. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills was there, sitting down to talks with Bruno Rodriguez, the foreign minister of Cuba.

It would be normal to think the topic of this meeting would be Cuba’s political prisoners, given that Cubans like Guillermo Farinas are in grave condition, one of many willing to die so that Cubans can be free. Or that Orlando Zapata Tamayo died last month. These acts have moved millions of people across the world, drawing hundreds of thousands to march in the streets in demonstrations that span the political spectrum – democratic leftists are among them – all to support these authentic heroes, and their families.

No such luck – and no surprise, given who’s running Washington.

Instead, the U.S. is teaming up with castro to provide “free” medical care for the Haitians who have been devastated by the Jan. 12 earthquake. See here.

That would be the SAME Cuban doctors who are literally slaves in castro’s medical racket (can Hillary be sued for slavery?), and who have brought lawsuits in U.S. courts over their conditions. Court documents show that these Cuban doctors do not serve of their own volition, are abysmally paid, are subject to slavecatchers, and live in fear. With this new “alliance,” the U.S. is going to support that!

That would also be the SAME Cuban doctors within whose ranks lurk spies and agitators for the Cuban regime. Countries like Paraguay and Honduras have already kicked quite a few of them out for meddling, trying to overthrow their host governments in the past, so can there be any doubt that they’ll try this in Haiti too, given the weakness of the Haitian government and the green light Hillary is giving them to go for it? Castro doesn’t give these doctors away for free.

And this would be the SAME castroite racket whose doctors cannot even provide Band-aids to its own people, let alone Haiti. I have had more than one conversation with State Department people about the Haiti aid effort and they’ve already told me the Cuban doctors have been highly ineffective in Haiti because they are poorly trained and don’t have any supplies. The U.S. at the time was providing supplies to them because they were helpless otherwise. The U.S. never sought to publicize that, but there you have it. The cooperation being talked about will be for Americans to provide supplies, castroites to sell them on the black market and castroites to obtain another steady stream of gringo cash, and Haitians to end up with nothing.

It’s pretty obvious what castro gets out of this – free resources and the U.S. imprimatur for whatever shenanigans he’s got cooked up for Haiti. He also gets to deflect world attention from his horrific treatment of political prisoners – some of whom have DIED because of castroite medical care – and tout his new cooperation effort with the U.S.

Worst of all, castro gets to claim credit for leading the Haiti aid effort, snatching the crown of credit right off our heads and putting it on his own – something he and Hugo Chavez have been trying to do from day one. Never mind that any aid he gives is something that would not be possible at all were the U.S. not backing him up. It was the U.S. that expended the heavy resources and did the dangerous jobs in delivering relief to Haiti. Castro’s agents tried to smear the effort and spread lies about the U.S. Navy causing the quake.

Perceptions are all, and poor Haitians respond to the guy who’s in front of them. So instead of seeing vast American generosity upon receipt of free medical care, a Haitian will see that castroite doctor in front of him providing a(n American-paid) Band-Aid and immediately will conclude that castro is the generous one and those gringos (who denied him his emigration visa) are the stingy ones. castro will be Lady Bountiful and America will be Scrooge.

How do you like that means of expending taxpayer dollars? This is one stupid, harmful alliance to make with a murderous machiavellian monster.



5 thoughts on “Hillary teams with Cuba for “free” Haiti castrocare

  1. Not a bad idea,this administration is forward looking, there is a shortage of general practitioners in the US everyone wants to be a specialist…difference between $60 and $225 for an office visit, when Obama care kicks in there aren’t enough GP’s to treat everyone so outsourcing medical care to Cuban doctors makes sense. this could be a harbinger of things to come under Obama care.

  2. She ate the Cuba Propaganda of Michael Moore and Fidel Castro that Cuba is a World Power in Medicine.
    That gives me an Idea how this health care is going to function.

    I have now purchased my burial Lot.

  3. There is a billion dollar American pie and Cuba wants a slice of it. This is no different than the medical teams now operating in Venezuela and elsewhere, the difference is that Haiti is broke. So who is going to cover the costs of all those Cuban semi-doctors now in Haiti?

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