Chilean Businessman Found Dead in Havana Apartment

Yesterday, a massive blow was dealt to those in the business world who continue to see the Castro regime as a fantastic investment opportunity. Chilean businessman Roberto Baudrand was found dead in his Havana apartment after Cuban authorities prevented him from leaving the island as a result of an investigation into his business ventures there.

This story, while not top-of-the-fold news, or even front page news, blows the door open on what is increasingly looking like a very tangled web of intrigue, historical figures, and the kind of drama only found in Hollywood blockbusters. Here’s the rundown on the tantalizing bits that make this case so interesting.

  • Baudrand headed a semiprivate company that was in partnership with the regime.
  • Baudrand served as the on-island contact for Max Marambio, former Chilean President (and Castro crony) Salvador Allende’s onetime head bodyguard.
  • Marambio’s company, “Tropical Island,” sells products in dollar stores catering to foreign tourists. I.e.: “big bucks.”
  • The joint (Cuban/Chilean) operated company has been shut down for months due to an “ongoing investigation.”
  • A Tropical Island attorney had visited Baudrand only two weeks ago and found the executive “distraught” over the investigation.
  • Several foreign workers allied with Baudrand have also been arrested. Do we know of their whereabouts?
  • Marambio and Fidel Castro have maintained a friendship for nearly half-a-century. In fact, Marabmio served as the first president for Cimex and is said to have participated in a number of secret operations for the Cuban regime in the 1970’s.

But here’s the kicker. According to the Associated Press, Marambio had “expressed support for free elections in Cuba” in recent years. Makes ya wonder what’s really going on behind all the smoke and mirrors, doesn’t it?

Still set on cozying up in the Cuban “joint venture” bedroom?

Catch the entire developing story.



11 thoughts on “Chilean Businessman Found Dead in Havana Apartment

  1. I’m sure it was natural causes … naturally.

    Anyhow, I’m certain this will be solved very quickly, as we all know the castro government has those hidden cameras set up …

  2. Surely death was from natural causes, wasn’t it? After all, whether you shoot an uncooperative ‘businessman’ in the head, strangle him, drown him in the communal bathtub, or poison him, sooner than later the heart stops and when the heart stops, that is in fact a ‘natural cause’, isn’t it?

    Many who become involved with tyrants are enticed by the alluring illusion of power and riches, aren’t they?

    Yet invariably, isn’t it ironic they wind up in prison, discredited in some way – or dead?

    A good object lesson here for stateside lemmings who want to cozy up to castro, not that they’ll heed it.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasoviet Key, Florida
    16 April, 2010

  3. Paul –

    VERY “natural” …

    About 10 yrs ago, hear in Youngstown, Oh., there was a ‘drug thug’ drive by shooting between cars. The shooter missed his intended target and the bullet hit an innocent driver and killed him.

    Shooter’s defense … “Yeah, I shot the gun … but if the bullet didn’t hit the guy I was aiming for and killed someone else … well, it’s where God intended it to go … God directed that bullet to kill that other guy … It’s too bad but it was out of my control … so I didn’t axe-ually KILL that other guy … so, I’m NOT guilty and they should let me go.”

    I shit you not … It was his defense. I could just hear inside his PD’s mind the poor sap lawyer thinking, “Can we just get this over with …”

  4. Not only did the Cuban government hasten Mr. Baudrand’s death “by natural causes,” but they also performed the autopsy.

  5. “Not only did the Cuban government hasten Mr. Baudrand’s death “by natural causes,” but they also performed the autopsy.”

    What, you don’t take the Cuban “government’s” word for it? Oh come now, surely you’re being much too paranoid.


    George – thanks for the clarification:)


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