Puttin’ On The Ritz

Local News here in Miami is abuzz with the E$tefan fundrai$ing dinner party with Obama for the DNC and Organizing for America, Obama’s campaign goosesteppers. Lots of folks stating that this posh dinner get together – at $30,000 per couple – is an excellent way for the E$tefan$ to “get Obama’s ear” on the Cuba issue. The thinking being that the administration will put pressure on the castro regime with respect to the human rights violations and lack of basic civil liberties in Cuba.

OK, I’ll bite.

I’ll leave aside the verifiable and actual facts that this administration has snubbed most of our allies like Israel, Colombia, Honduras, Poland, Czechoslovakia and others, while coddling the despotic leaders of countries Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Lybia and more. With this we also leave common sense behind as, given this administration’s penchant for broken promises and prevarication, chances are that whatever promises Obama makes will have the usual and proven shelf life.

But let’s look at the actual money being raised for the DNC and see if perhaps it could be used a bit more wisely for, say, Cuban dissident bloggers on the ground:

– $30,000 buys 468 32GB USB Flash Drives.

– $30,000 buys 200 The Flip 2 hour video camcorders.

– $30,000 buys 323 unlocked Motorola A810 cell phones.

– $30,000 buys 42 fully loaded HP Pavilion Laptops.

– $30,000 buys 16774GB Pen Memory Flash Drives.

– $30,000 buys 517 Video Pens

– $30,000 buys 833 100 pack Memorex blank DVD-R spindles.

– $30,00 buys 50 BGAN Satellite IP Modems.

– $30,000 buys 62500 cell phones minutes at $0.48 per minute (Cubacel, .44 CUC’s/minute).

Mind you, the above is what can be purchased and sent to Cuba’s dissident and blogger movement, for the price of ONE couple’s attendance at the E$tefan/Obama love fe$t. Multiply that by the actual number of attendees ponying up the $30K and probably all of Havana could be equipped with communications equipment, with the extra added bonus of not funding a political party intent on destroying America.

It’s all about perspective, folks.



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  1. Its funny that the Estefan$ have no comment to make on their flip flop.
    Let me spoil their plan. I would not be surprised if they try to show a video of the hardships in Cuba to their captive audience and claim that they were doing this for Cuba.
    April seems like a good month for Dems to make Cubans look like fools.
    April 13 Elian taken from his Cuban family causing divisions among the Cuban community.
    April 15 The Estefan$ formerly and publicly join the socialist heading Dems causing division among the Cuban community.

    I bet you Estefan lapdogs must be proud.

  2. Val,

    Unfortunately the money being raised by the Estefan’s POTUS ass-kissing fundraiser will be used to turn America into the next Cuba.

    If only those two useful idiots would take the time to understand what they have become accomplices to; but unfortunately they don’t want to.

    I have a feeling Gloria’s father must be rolling in his grave.

  3. “April seems like a good month for Dems to make Cubans look like fools.”

    Yes pototo,

    It all started back on April 17, 1961.

  4. Great post, as always, Val!

    I can’t wait to see that special Kumbaya moment tonight as they all hold hands (Estefans, Comrade Zero, Ferre, Diaz, Kurzban, Lesnick, Balsera, Garcia, Maria Isabel, Duran, Saladriga, Meek, Hastings, Wasserman Schultz, Pepe Hernandez, Aruca, et al)

    Maybe Sen Menendez can make a suprise visit with his new BFF, Jesse Jackson!!!!

  5. Have the Estefans given to the MSM their “guest” list? Do you think they will welcome into their home “Former” DGI spies the likes of Marifeli Perez-Stable? Perhaps, guests from the Cuban Interest Section? Do you think that Joe Garcia, Corporate representatives of Archer Daniels Midland, Fla. Cattlemen’s Assoc. etc. will be in attendance?

  6. Let me clarify, the patriots who gave their blood in Cuba were not the fools. they were just treated like such even then by the dems. I guess Gloria forgot about them as well.

  7. Good question firefly. i would love to see the list, but the Estefan$ are too busy to speak with the Cuban community right now. I am sure they will make a statement after the gathering at the brothel.

  8. You nailed it Val. One for the archives. Perhaps your proposal will tug at the sense of decency of one or more of the attendees and they will be compelled to spend their money in a better way.

  9. “Let me clarify, the patriots who gave their blood in Cuba were not the fools. they were just treated like such even then by the dems. I guess Gloria forgot about them as well.”


    Obviously Gloria forgot about her father’s sacrifice at Bay of Pigs.

    Do you think she cares about the others?

  10. There was once a joke that went like this.
    ” A man went up to a woman who was a perfect stranger and asked if she would sleep with him for $1,000,000 to which she responded ‘yes’. He then asked her if she would for one dollar to which she responded ‘what do you think that I am’ to which he responded ‘we have already established what you are we are now trying to establish the price'”.
    That was then this is now.

    “Emilio Estefan told Pérez Castellón that he will have 15 minutes alone with Obama to talk about Cuba.”
    Emilio and Gloria have already established what they are. They have also established the price.
    BTW- 100 people (at least they claim to be people) x $30,400 = $3,040,000.00 for 15 minutes or to make things easier the going hourly rate for an Estefan/Obama is $12,160,000.00

    So would they be jineteras or jineteros?

  11. “April seems like a good month for Dems to make Cubans look like fools.”

    Yes pototo,

    On April 17, 1961 we the Cuban-Americans became the April fools and Thanksgiving turkeys carved by Fidel Castro because at the time the greatest and most powerful country on earth had a Democratic President that did not comprehend the consequences of his treacherous actions.

    Yes, the Democrats have a record for making us look like April’s fools and now they continue adding to their legacy in this area. Only that this time they have the Estefans playing the role of useful idiots (worthy of a liberal academy award).

    I only hope that one day there is final justice regarding Cuba as these days I see it so far and away that is totally disheartening.

  12. so only republicans can want a free cuba? is that it? so let’s not even talk to democrats because what is the point? we live in a republic, there is nothing wrong with respecting someone’s view but also disagreeing with them. Do the Estefans care any less about Cuba because they are giving money to Dems?

    By your logic Val – I should give any money to the GOP either so it can used better elsewhere. I am not voting for any dems this year and can only recall voting for two (maybe) in the last 22 years. Do I want them to give them this fundraiser, no but it is still possible to respect them.

  13. Cardinal,
    The currect democrat principles will make America like an oppressed Cuba. Wake up.
    Respect the Estefans?
    You have to be baiting because no one can be this ridiculous.

  14. Cardinal:

    The only respect I have to give the Estefans is to respect their freedom of speech and association. I am under no obligation, however, to respect them on a personal level. Any respect I may have had for them flew out the window the day they decided to put a Che-Guevara-shirt-wearing pothead on not just any album, but an album supposedly dedicated to a free Cuba.

    From that moment on, the only respect they’ll receive from me is my respect for their right to put Che-loving a**holes on their albums and to host fundraisers for leftist political parties. If they want me to respect them personally, they’ll have to start respecting the sensitivities of the Cuban exile community. A community, I should add, that supported them when they were nothing but a wedding band and opening acts at the Open Houses during the 70’s here in Miami.

  15. I don’t respect the Estefans for what they’re doing, that simple.

    Plus I totally in agreement that the Republicans could have done so much more to bring freedom to Cuba during the last 51 years (given all the support we have given them) and failed to do so.

    But the sad and undeniable truth is that every single important event that has taken place in America to betray the Cuban-Americans and the cause of a free Cuba has taken place under a Democratic administration.

  16. Cardinal,

    First, one thing is supporting a CANDIDATE with a donation, it’s quite another to fundraise for a party and the campaign entity of an administration to the tune of $15K per person. That’s a lot of dough. Especially if that administration or party will most likely not do a damned thing about the issue being “discussed.” Obama’s Cuba ploicay and latin America policy is, as my friend Will P put it: a “vapor policy.”

    And no, it’s not only Republicans that want a free Cuba. that’s a strawman youre building there. if you’ll read my post again, I state the the Democrats and their policies are bad for THIS country. Im still entitled to my opinion, even if I dont have $30,000 bucks at my disposal.

    As far as respect, well, that’s your prerogative. But for me, sorry, this is a major blunder on their behalf and as I stated to the AP yesterday, I appreciate that they have represented us with class and dignity throughout their careers, but this is just wrong. on various levels.

  17. Val,

    The Estefans ears must be ringing these days with all of our criticism. I’m sure that they could care less (as they’re so wrapped-up in their fame, wealth and embracing of their liberal friends).

    I sincerely hope that one day they come to regret their actions but I highly doubt it.

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  19. @ Freedom for Cuba, you can say that again, as per the Dems…and as a Republican I, too, believe they could have done more but the Dems have been fundamentally worse.

    As I go on Saturday to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs Invasion (both my father and grandfather were members of the Brigade 2506, only 11 cases of father & son) with my father, I am all to well reminded of Adm. Burke and JFK’s partying during the Somoza visit to the WH.

    @ The Cardinal…this link is for you:


  20. What the Estefans are doing is tantamount to doing a funraiser for the castro brothers or hugo chavez.

    Hey! There’s an idea… Estefan’s next concert in Cuba.

  21. Persoanlly, I’ll be hard pressed to give the E$tefan$ a single cent of my hard earned cash. below is a list of E$tafan$ owned businesses:


  22. With the extra added bonus of not funding a political party intent on destroying America.

    The problem with this is that this is mainstream in the Rep Party –see Palin, Sarah.

    Man I wish I had the 30K to send to the DNC so as to keep so much extremism out of power.

  23. Eduardo,

    Please ease up on the kool-aid, as is seriously affecting your judgment.

    Time to go into rehab…

  24. Yes alright, what a bunch of extremists we’re Eddy.

    Tell that to those Sarah Palin followers that got beat-up the other day on the streets of New Orleans (read Humberto’s post) for the mere extremist act of attending last weekend Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

    Yes we’re the extremist alright (I’m supposed to believe the stupid bullshit coming out your mouth). My advice to you again, ease-up on the kool-aid because that shit is affecting your brain.

  25. They can raise all the money they want, but come November they will be voted out. The Dems are well past their high water mark. In my (formerly) liberal neighborhood, no one supports them anymore. The money raised at this event might as well go straight into a black hole.

  26. We definitely won’t agree on this. And that’s alright. And thank God that kind of differences we resolve here through activism, elections, etc.

    You said that I learned absolutely nothing about people that came before me. You might be right. If I, as FreedomForCuba says, am drinking Kook-Aid like there is no tomorrow then I would not know whether the Democratic Party INTENTS, I repeat, INTENTS to destroy America. But I have to add that I would have learned absolutely nothing about my own experience of living under communism during 32 years.

  27. If you lived under Communism for 32 years and still don’t see what the Dems are trying to do, then there is only one word that can describe you. Maybe two.

  28. “But I have to add that I would have learned absolutely nothing about my own experience of living under communism during 32 years.”

    Absolutely Eddie,

    You have learned absolutely nothing but, don’t feel bad, sometimes it happens, I’m sure that you’re not the only one.

    Don’t feel so bad because there are many Cuban-Americans that voted for Obama when they knew better not to (I happen to know a few).

    My sincere advice, just stay off the kool-aid and maybe you’ll learn how to understand the way that Obama and the Democrats are destroying America.

    Believe me, it doesn’t take an Einstein to do so.

  29. Those Horrible Democrats! They have the temerity to say Health Care for profit might not be the greatest thing, and perhaps you shouldn’t lose your House if you come up seriously sick. I truly hope the republicans put forward the Alaskan Fruitcake for President- How can Anyone take someone seriously who supports this ignorant woman? And Who did the Estefans murder to get dissed so bad? They have never been any favorites of mine, since the days they were playing at Daphnes at the airport Sheraton, but please- they are not Devils. Are they?

  30. Hah, hah, hah,

    Don’t worry; wait until the Health Care bill (especially all the small print that Congress did not read before voting) comes knocking on your door for much higher taxes that you cannot afford. Then we’ll see who gets the last laugh.

    Alaskan Fruitcake?

    I got one better:

    Marxist anti-American bullshit artist.

    I rather take the Alaskan Fruitcake anytime instead of the bullshit Messiah we have for POTUS.

    Opps, I forgot, Obama (Mr. Teleprompter) gets a free pass and is beyond reproach while Sarah gets all the blame.

    “How can anyone take someone seriously who supports this ignorant woman?”

    Tell that to those many Americans that attend her events and one day you’ll awake to a painful reality.

    By the way, the same applies to you.

    How can anyone take your seriously?

    What a bonehead and imbecilic statement if I ever heard one.

    Eddie, please do me a favor, share your kool-aid wealth and spare a few gallons to Ywhat that I’m sure it’ll be greatly appreciated.

  31. Val, those satellite ip modems are amazing; what a tool for freedom they, along with the other items you list, could be.

    If we could raise some funds for them, do you have “ways” to get them where they could do the most good?

  32. This is tough as a libertarian / conservative to take the Estefan’s point of view. But if we are going to ever have a Free Cuba we have to live with it, accept it and embrace it. Why, because a Free Cuba must be a non partisan and non ideological (as much as possible)movement. The comparison to apartheid and South Africa comes to mind. This movement was largely a Democratic Party machine approach and went nowhere for nearly 30 years. South Africa was pushed away from white ruled power when the Republican establishment (not necessarily the Republicans themselves) accepted the movement and pushed Pik Botha to accept change. We need to ensure and push the Democratic Party establishment in this direction if we are ever going to get anywhere, it must be a bi partisan movement.

  33. Orlando, naivete will get us nowhere. You’re saying the struggle in South Africa was non-partisan and non-ideological? Tell that to the commies in the ANC…

  34. “We need to ensure and push the Democratic Party establishment in this direction if we are ever going to get anywhere, it must be a bi partisan movement.”


    How do you think that we’re able to turn around the Democratic Party establishment when the sad truth is that many (if not the majority) of the Democrats are one way or another sympathetic to the Castro brothers and the unconditional lifting of the embargo.

    Haven’t you learned yet that the Democrats (except Robert Torricelli in the 90s) have done nothing but to betray the Cuban-Americans in exile and the people in the island since 1961?

    How will the Democrats will change now when we all know they have a track proven record of betraying us at nearly every chance they have gotten for the last fifty years?

    How are they going to change now? Please…

    How many times we have to be fooled by a Democratic President regarding Cuba’s freedom?

  35. @George Moneo.

    I basically share with Val the same views about Cuba. I used to be a hard core fan of the site before it went all “Obama-is-the-new-Chavez”. (It is your right of course.) I think that what Val does regarding Cuba is great work and for that I am very grateful. I am saying all that because I have been very reluctant to say this: I honestly believe that comparing whatever Obama and the Democratic Party are doing with what Castro did in Cuba is either completely nuts if it is sincere or a huge lack of empathy towards the people that have to endure communism if it is a cheap shot or simply indulgence in angry hyperbolic rhetoric. I’d love if you guys take a couple of minutes to think about it.

    I am not going to talk about fundamental freedoms here –NONE of which Obama has touched– But to put just one example, raising the marginal tax to Clinton levels (which is happening next year, so far taxes HAVE GONE DOWN for more than 90% of the people) is not same as confiscate all income to working people (basically the slavery Castro has installed in Cuba). You might find that tax raising wrong morally, bad for the economy and a long etc. But no matter how you put it, it does not start to compare with people making 10, 20 bucks a month.

    To affirm that the Democratic Party INTENTS to destroy America is simply nuts. You might think that they are misguided and its policies may weaken the country but from there to believe that they INTENT to destroy the country is angry hyperbole. That’s all.

  36. Oh just now I found this. It is Instapundit talking about ObamaSpace:

    COMMERCIAL SPACE FEDERATION praises Obama’s new space policy. I think they’re right. I’ve surprised a couple of talk-radio hosts recently by supporting that policy, but — while I’m not sure Obama shares my enthusiasm for space development, really — it’s basically the policy that I and many other space activists have been calling for for nearly 20 years.

    Link: http://pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/97676/

    Basically, Obama is privatizing a big part of the space programming.

    This is not Communism, people, no matter what you say

  37. Eddy,

    I’ll only say on the space program issue is that when you have astronauts of the caliber of Neil Armstrong and others (that were the original space program pioneers) publicly criticizing Obama’s space program policies it should give you plenty to think about.

    There is no correlation between Obama turning America into a socialist society and the space program other than what he’s doing to the space program is to underfund it to the point that America will loose its technological edge in space, that simple.

    I must admit that this has been happening for years but now Obama is working on driving the final nail into the space program’s coffin.

    You see the way Obama is destroying the American economy with his Socialist policies ensures that there is not enough funds to keep our space program’s technological edge.

    Remember that the space program technological edge spills into other areas like national security as we use our technological edge in space to keep America safe.

    The worst consequences coming from Obama’s policies are that in the not too distant future America won’t be able to afford its national defense too because Obama and the Democrats have bankrupted the US economy with their entitlement laws.

    In my view this is how our Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats are going to destroy America.

  38. FreedomForCuba:

    I haven’t defended 1 single Obama policy in this thread (though I support his presidency). His NASA policy could very well be wrong but it is obviously not socialist because it says: let the private enterprise do things that the government is doing now. If you want to turn this into a communist country the last thing you do is privatize stuff. I am sure that you know that Instapundit is a self-proclaimed libertarian and an Obama foe and he is saying: hey, what Obama is doing is what I have been saying for years that we should do. Instapundit is wrong in many things and could be wrong on this too, but my point was to just point at something, just a little detail to say: see, the guy is not the second coming of Castro.

    But I read your post and suddenly understood the mighty wrongness of my position. I saw the light! Obama is indeed privatizing part of the NASA program in order to ruin America, then establish a communist dictatorship in America.

    Good night.

  39. $30000 buys 100 eMachines EL1331G-01w Computers from WalMart – Windows 7, 64 Bit – I.O.W. Future Proofed for a day that Fidelito is WORM FOOD. Wonder what kind of a discount is available for lots of 100? -S-

  40. Eduardo, I distinctly remember when Cubans in the US would swear that both LBJ and JFK were Communists. And God help you if you disagreed with them!

  41. Spygirl:

    I remember there was a time in the US where there were many influential members of American society that swore that Fidel Castro and his thugs were NOT communists. And God help you if you disagreed with them.

    “The revolution is as green as the palm trees,” they used to say, echoing their bearded hero.

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