“Miami hardliners!” caused Elian’s suffering, says Time Magasine

“Cuba is where Elián should have been sent on Thanksgiving Day in 1999….Miami’s hardline Cuban exile leaders weren’t about to let that happen. So they installed Elian with his Little Havana relatives while dragging the debacle out in court to keep the spotlight on their anti-Castro rants as long as possible.”

Entire predictable article here.



5 thoughts on ““Miami hardliners!” caused Elian’s suffering, says Time Magasine

  1. Humberto,

    I just read that! That article is absolutely disgusting and vile. Here are two extracts:

    “Clinton didn’t mention that he and his Attorney General, Janet Reno, a Miami native, waited five months to act because they hoped to avoid offending the powerful Cuban-exile voting bloc. But the Elián fiasco has since sapped that group of much of its political clout — because on the one hand it made Miami look like a rogue republic in the Everglades, and because on the other hand it so foolishly handed Castro what he was able to sell as a major victory. The only upside is that the drama brought a younger, more moderate Cuban-American cohort to the fore, one that understands how badly Washington’s exile-driven policy of non-engagement with Cuba has failed to move the island toward democracy.”

    So, imagine that! Clinton and Reno were patient, kind-hearted little sweethearts! They tried, but we were so irrational and crazy that they had no choice.

    The worst part is when the writer of the article uses it as an opportunity to harp on the mythical generational gap. Little does it matter that Elian brought Cubans of all ages and political points of view together. In fact, the proof is in the pudding: Cubans voted in far greater numbers than ever for Republicans. So what the hell is he talking about?? A more moderate group of Cubans? Yea, right, that’s why Gore lost the presidency.

    “To their credit, Cuban-Americans didn’t take the bait. Miami may have lost The Rabbit 10 years ago, but since then it’s gained a deeper regard for the rule of law.”

    This is the worst part, “rule of law,” what law? That law that Reno made up? If anybody didn’t have a respect for the rule of law as laid out in the constitution, it was Clinton and Reno.

    What a piece of crap!

  2. The article compares Elian (returned to Cuba from the US) with Sean Goldman (returned to the US from Brazil)– never mind the totally different facts in each case. These journos are so very repulsive. No wonder they get no readership — too bad you can’t use the magazine to wipe…. anything.

  3. Slanted and racist!
    “Overcrouded boat smuggling them from Cuba capsized”?
    “it made Miami look like a rouge republic in the Everglades “?
    “Miami since then it’s gained a deeper regard for the rule of law”?

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