This is your brain on drugs…


As the before and after photo above of British singer Amy Winehouse so powerfully illustrates, drugs can wreak physical havoc on a person. She was never that attractive to begin with, and when her drug binges exacted their toll, she became absolutely hideous.

But physical deterioration due to drugs is not limited solely to personal appearance–the brain, too, suffers as the continued use of drugs fries millions of brain cells into oblivion. In poor Amy Winehouse’s case, not only did drugs disfigure her to the point of becoming severely grotesque, drugs also made her as dumb as a post.

From MTV in the UK, we find out that Amy is planning a romantic getaway to Cuba to rekindle the romance between her and her estranged husband. Why Cuba? Well, both Amy and her husband have become avid cigar smokers, but what really titillated the two or three remaining brain cells in Amy’s head (that estimate might be too generous) was the “romance of Cuba.”

Amy Winehouse is reportedly taking estranged hubby Blake Fielder Civil on holiday to Cuba.

The Rehab singer, who got back together with Blake after they divorced last August, has allegedly decided to mark their reunion with a romantic trip to Havana once his court ordered curfew has ended.

Amy is thought to have chosen Cuba as their chosen holiday destination after the couple have found a new interest in cigar smoking.

A source told The Sun: “Smoking cigars is their new thing. It all started when Amy bought a pack of Romeo y Julieta for Blake, because she thinks they’re also tragic lovers.”

“Amy and Blake have been spending their time reading up on the history and the culture behind them and followed it to Cuba. She thinks there’s a kind of romance to it and would love to go there with Blake.”

Nothing like a holiday on a slave plantation being waited on by well-behaved slaves to spark some romance. Throw in some heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, copious amounts of alcohol, and some crack as an aperitif, and you have a real love story in the making.

The only thing I can tell you, kids, is SAY NO TO DRUGS!



23 thoughts on “This is your brain on drugs…

  1. Look, I may get hammered for this but what the hell … It’s Monday …

    For the last couple/years I have had Amy Winehouse at the top of my yearly “Ghoul Pool”.

    Since my days in radio I’ve been one of those people that makes a short list (Ghoul Pool) on the New Year of famous/celebs that might not make it out of the new year alive.

    For the past couple years Amy has seemed to ‘surprise’ me at her survival rate.

    However, she’s taking that whole “Ghoul” part seriously … enough.

  2. As long as those “artists” are Cuban and not them, it’s okay, George. All that really matters is that they receive star treatment in Havana, and then it’s all good.

    Besides, as far as the Amy Winehouse’s of the world are concerned, those Cuban artists deserved to be jailed for speaking out against a government that was nice enough to give them the right to create propaganda for the regime.

  3. Sorry people,

    But you think Amy has any brains to digest any of this after all the drugs she has taken?

    Amy is another screw-up member of the entertaining media that doesn’t know her head from her ass and one of these days she’ll end up dead of a drug overdose.

  4. Not even her tatoos make sense; God only knows what’s in those cigars. Even her music has gotten ghastly. And to think everyone and their grandmother has extended a helping hand to this freak show … what a waste.

    Compare her to any of Las Damas to get a good perspective on the state of things.

  5. They are desperate, they will brag about anyone who pays them any attention, Amy Winehouse, the Prime Minister or Tonga o the cleaning lady at La Moncloa…

  6. I believe it’s called “self-loathing”. It’s usually the direct opposite of “self-respect”.

    People like this cannot be helped until and unless they want to help themselves.

    Frankly, were she a Yank I’d call her a poster child for the HopeyChangey dolts that are looking to Obama and his regime to ‘save the country’ and give them everything they want or need.

  7. Exactly when was the picture on the right taken?

    Winehouse WAS in rehab. When she got out in mid-2009, she had gained weight and was looking much better.,,20291122,00.html

    Or check her picture out in this 2010 article:


  8. Ok. I’m confuzzled. She’s hot or she’s not? Or was that hag a impersonation/photoshop? Gah! World, stop screwing with my head!

  9. Felixthe3rd –

    Nah, it’s all Amy.

    Mojito_Fan –

    Been following the Amy train wreck for about 2 or so years (yeah, my life has brief moments of that much boredom). Yeah, she did rehab … No, it didn’t take so much with Amy.

    Just when a picture of her “cleaned-up” is out in publication it is followed shortly there after by a series of more recent pics of her falldown drunk/stoned and a physical mess, usually in the streets or a dive bar.

    I tend to believe her ‘husband’ is partly the bad influence over her … in addition to her very weak nature.

  10. Well, after seeing the before and after pictures I could say she is Havana personified.

    In other words, crack and heroin are to a body what marxism and leninism are to a republic. I am sure that reading about a city that was formerly affluent, vivid, talented, and full of promise but today is needlessly destroyed and as miserable and decrepit as her, is something she related to.

    But in all seriousness, although I am sorry for this poor soul and her obvious lack of judgment, I truly have zero respect for all these rich burros con suerte and vociferous hypocrite imbeciles who throwout the years have made light and romance of the Cuban nightmare, I have more respect for a roach. To be hearing, after 50 years, so much audacious romanticism and garbage in defense of a fraudulent and totalitarian sect-like cancer that has done nothing but betray, rob, slave, and destroy a nation, the hell with them all.

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