10 thoughts on “To Cuba Nostalgia Or To Not Cuba Nostalgia…

  1. It’ll still be awesome if you went, bro. Shoot the breeze, a fumar tabaco, tomarte un cafecito, bailar un poco, dale, bro. You can’t not go.

  2. No lo digo yo, times are tough and saving is difficult this time of year. But all in all, Val, I don’t think C.N. would be indifferent-To me, and the ones here that go, it would be since we’d been socializing at your booth for years, pero I think resting it out for one year wouldn’t do harm to Babalublog’s credibility or anything, you can just go with your wife and meet up with any of us a just, as I said before, “Shoot the breeze”. Besides, it’ll give you ample time to plot out ideas (and cash) of how to do next year’s event. Saludos.

  3. My daughter and I will (coincidentally?) be in Miami that weekend. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than hanging with my Babalú family.

    I loudly agree with Dave: “SI!”

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