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  1. This turd should stick to his day “job” (using the word loosely) since he is obviously not clever enough to be a comedian. He does seem to have hall of fame potential as a buffoon…

  2. What I really think of this Asshole can’t be said in polite company.

    Considering that Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, this stupid ass just made a statement that not only (according to him) comprises Cuba but affects also Cozumel, Isla Contoy, Isla Mujeres, Isla de Carmen (all belong to Mexico by the way) U. S. Virgin Islands (guess who?), The Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guadelupe, etc. etc. etc.

    Considering the stupid crowd Carlos Pascual was hanging around with, I’m not surprised that this tiny bit of information escaped them.

  3. I suppose this might be common knowledge to some other Babalu readers but, just in case anyone missed it, note that Ambassador Carlos Pascual was born in Cuba. And apparently (according to this link anyway) a lot of people were disappointed with his appointment. See:


    “Born in 1959 in Cuba, Pascual emigrated to the United States with his parents at the age of three.”

    “In April 2009, President Obama proposed Carlos Pascual as the next U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. This was a controversial choice because his specialty is not Latin America, but rather converting newly independent or failed states to democracy and free market capitalism.”

    “The nomination of Pascual, who has no particular expertise regarding Mexico or Latin America, has provoked serious criticism. Although the Mexican government approved the nomination, officials there have privately expressed concerns that Pascual’s nomination means that the Obama Administration regards Mexico as a failed or nearly failed state, because dealing with such states has been his specialty. This line of criticism has been echoed by the left, which argues that the reconstruction policies advanced by Pascal in Eastern Europe and other regions have amounted to a “shock doctrine” of imposing radical free market reforms at the expense of living standards and democracy.”

  4. Gosh, in 50 years the oceans will rise over 6,000 feet?

    That’s, what, 120 feet per year?

    Our government is composed of the Bestest and Brightestest, folks.

  5. You guys are forgetting that it was Al Gore in his Inconvenient Truth that Cuba and much of Florida would be under water as the ice caps melted due to global warming. The good ambassador was just parroting the instructional video.

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