Operation Pedro Pan meets Tea Parties

From Victoria Jackson at Big Hollywood:

All around me I can feel my Freedom disappearing, and there are still people who are not paying attention. The Cubans are paying attention.

Tonight at my local Tea Party, I was sitting next to a Cuban couple. I asked them about the Peter Pan Program. (pedropan.org) They knew what I was talking about. I first heard of it April 15, 2010, from a Cuban stranger right after I had finished my Tea Party Express Tax Rally speech at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C.

In my speech, I had mentioned Cuba: ”I know a little about Communism. I grew up in Miami. (The crowd laughed.) During my childhood, my town turned into Cuba. (The crowd chuckled.) Cubans were risking their lives coming to America for Freedom on rafts. (The crowd got silent.) When I was 15, I dated a boy named Angel Otero. I asked him where his father was.

He said, “He’s in a jail in Cuba.”

I said, “Why?”

He said, “Because he resisted Communism.”

(The crowd was very silent.) I continued, “Then, I asked my neighbor once, “What was it like to grow up in a Communist country?”

She said, “I’ll tell you what it’s like. The children in kindergarten are told to bow their heads, close their eyes, pray to God and ask Him for candy. When they open their eyes, there is no candy there. Then, they are told to bow their heads, close their eyes and ask Castro for candy. When they open their eyes, there is candy there.”

And then there’s this:

After my speech, I was told that a man was waiting to speak with me by the roped off area. I went to him. He was a handsome, older gentleman with a thick Cuban accent. He grasped my hand, and said, “Thank you so much for mentioning Cuba.” Tears started to fall down his face. He said, “When Castro took over, I was ripped away from my family and sent to an orphanage in America.” He told me that his family had initially supported Castro because they were promised freedom and democracy, but soon after Castro got into power he took over health care and the media and then everything. I grabbed my video camera and asked the man to repeat his story:

Anyone recognize this eloquent gentleman?



7 thoughts on “Operation Pedro Pan meets Tea Parties

  1. Henry,

    I saw your post, but it did not include the second video of the interview with the Pedro Pan Cuban which I think is extremely important as well. I believe we all know him.

  2. This lady has brass ovaries!!!
    Maybe Gloria can take some lessons from her regarding Cuba.

  3. pototo,

    Gloria has already sold her soul to Obama and the liberals in the entertaining industry for thirty pieces of silver.

  4. I’d love to have a cafetazo with him, as I believe it’s been about three years since I’ve seen him. Any chance he’ll come to Cuba Nostalgia convention this year?

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