U.S. troops to participate in the resurrection of Stalin?


Inconceivable that British troops would march past the portrait of history’s bloodiest tyrant?

How would you feel if they were our boys?

According to the Daily Mail UK, the U.S. Embassy confirmed that its soldiers will take part in Moscow’s Victory Day parade.

How’s that hope and change working for you?

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10 thoughts on “U.S. troops to participate in the resurrection of Stalin?

  1. This is about victory over the Nazis that killed millions of people, especially Soviet citizens. We have a right to remember that, no matter who the leader was at the time or the political agenda of the country. It’s not about celebrating Stalin, it’s about the VICTORY of the war. He happened to be the leader at the time, so of course he is going to be remembered. I actually applaud America, if it’s true, for stepping forward and having a memorial with the people who lost the most. Soviet citizens suffered greatly and fought long and hard for victory and if often seems like the US just wants to pretend they won it all. So in my eyes it is a wonderful thing. Plus, it will be wonderful in helping US/Russian relations, because this is a big issue for Russians in relations, especially from a average citizen point of view. Russia isn’t part of the Soviet Union anymore. It’s not like we’re wailing out Soviet propaganda, we’re just remembering the past where many of us have relatives who died. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  2. Liza, Stalin used Soviet citizens as quite literally cannon fodder. Do not forget that. Do not forget that while he was sending millions to their death (with inadequate equipment or none at all, like in Stalingrad) to fight the nazis, he was also systematically repressing his own people, deporting entire nationalities, sending those who returned from the front straight to the gulags. Do not forget that it was him who issued the non-surrender order that forced hundreds of thousands of troops to fight beyond any reasonable point, to throw themselves into the enemy’s line of fire to avoid capture and later soviet retaliation.
    Yes, it was a just war and its victory saved us all, but one must point out his disastrous role in it, his horrible leadership, and the price he made all soviet peoples pay. He should not be celebrated with the victors and liberators, but with the criminals.

  3. Liza, if someone kills my wife and then saves my dog, should I thank him? Should I celebrate his birthday?

    Perhaps you forget that Russia initially helped Nazi Germany. Only after Germany got on Stalin’s bad side did he fight against them.

  4. Liza…..have a nice drink of watered down cool aid. Russian/U.S. relations (?) What world do you live in?

  5. If Stalin had not made his treaty with Hitler

    Hitler would not have felt free to attack Belgium, Holand and France … and especially Poland.

    And WW II might well have stopped there …


  6. the Soviet Union lost not only more people in terms of raw numbers but more people in terms of percentage of population during that war (Poland who got it from both sides has a higher percentage possibly, but can’t be confirmed). Stalin was the greatest assassin this side of Mao – even worse than Hitler. That being said we were allies and if not for the sacrifice of millions of Russians the War would have turned out differently.

    We are honoring our wartime allies, the millions that sacrificed for a victory not Stalin. If W was prez we would be there anyway, this is so hypocritical.

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