5 thoughts on “Castro cranks up another revenue stream

  1. It’s an old story, really. Remember, after Jimmy Carter’s travel opening exiles suddenly represented a revenue stream. So those loathsome “Gusanos” quickly mutated to lovely “mariposas.”

    Well, now that gays represent a revenue stream, they’ve mutated from Che’s term of “lumpen!” and “deviants!” fit only to be herded into forced-labor camps with a sign: “WORK WILL MAKE MEN OF YOU!”, to valued “revolutionary companeros!”


  2. Don’t worry Humberto – I seriously doubt the gay crowd will flock to Cuba anytime soon. After all, they’r not flocking to China or Vietnam or NOrth Korea. Gays like “la vida buena” too much to put up with the shithole Cuba has become. Plus, they require a vibrant nightlife – one that isn’t prone to machista cops coming in with billy clubs to break up – a la Stonewall Inn in the stone ages of this country. Yes, gays do love to fix up decrepit places like Key West in the 70s, South BEach in the 80s, the upper east side of Miami in the 90s, and the Design District in the 2000s. But it all requires a free market and availability of raw materials and skilled labor. But I will give Cuba this much, in terms of Caribbean islands, there does seem to be something in the water in Cuba that produces a VERY visible gay community. And considering the homophobia of Che and much of cuban society, it takes amjor cojones to be so out in that climate. And when I went in 2001 (one and only time folks!) – they were very visible on Friday nights in Vedado. There will definitely be a day when gay tourism plays a role in the cuban economy, but now is not it.

  3. They are nothing but parasitic pimps who have never produced or contributed anything, and after 51 years, there’s nothing left to sell except the people themselves.

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