Fariñas clarifies position: Liberate all of them

Guillermo Fariñas is one hell of a warrior, a modern day David armed with a will of steel and his very brave heart.

From #OZT:

Cuban independent journalist Guillermo Fariñas clarified that he will continue his already three month long hunger strike if the government of Raul Castro does not free “all” the political prisoners because his protest “is not just to achieve transfers” of prisoners to other penitentiaries [closer to their homes] but to “achieve the liberation of all of them.”



4 thoughts on “Fariñas clarifies position: Liberate all of them

  1. Words fail me trying to describe him. He isint going to give up. He is a hero. I just hope the prisoners will be freed. Mabey its wishful thinking on my part but i pray they ALL will be free soon.

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