Dear Hugo: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Oliver Stone Publishes Love Letter to Hugo Chavez

Oliver Stone has a man-crush on Hugo Chavez, and he is not in the least bit embarrassed to admit it. He is so smitten by the simian prince of Caracas that he is going around the world telling anyone who will listen what a wonderful person Venezuela’s wannabe dictator is. The apish buffoon is simply misunderstood, Stone tells us, and in reality he is not a monkey, but instead a brilliant and dynamic man.

Love really does blind a man.

Via Newsbusters, here is Oliver’s love letter to Chavez.



7 thoughts on “Dear Hugo: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

  1. Disgusting. I have no use for useful idiots like him. If he loves Chavez so much, I wish he’d go live in Venezuela and make movies for him instead of enjoying the benefits of OUR FREEDOM that he has so much distaste for.

  2. Oliver who? Oliver Stone? Is that the new plastic they use to make fake granite countertops?

  3. Que care de comemierda tienen estos dos.

    They’re made for each other, a match made in Hell…

  4. Oliver Stone is so full of shit he might as well be a fertilizer factory. Ditto for far too many of the Hollywood crowd (and not just the super obvious ones like Michael Moore and Sean Penn; there are plenty of other ones who are less blatant about it but essentially on the same page).

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