Support Israel: Emergency Demonstrations Today

Attention Los Angeles:
Emergency Demonstrations TODAY, JUNE 1


Emergency Rallies TODAY, TUESDAY, June 1, at 5:00 p.m. (PST) in LOS ANGELES and at 6pm (EST) in NEW YORK



Turkey played a key role in promoting the flotilla of six ships that tried to breach Israel’s maritime blockade of Gaza on May 31st.

The flotilla, organized by self described human rights groups, claimed it was bringing aid to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israel offered to deliver the goods through official channels if the activists conformed to international and Israeli law, and agreed to dock at Ashdod instead of Gaza. They refused. When Israel warned the approaching ships to redirect to Ashdod, they refused to do so. Exercising its sovereign rights under international law, Israel boarded the ships and escorted them to Ashdod. Five ships complied peacefully and no one was injured.

The sixth ship, Mavi Marmara, flying under the Turkish flag, refused to cooperate. When a small group of Israeli navy personnel attempted to board the Marmara, the alleged “peace activists” ambushed them with guns, knives, steel pipes, bats, and other weapons. Seven Israelis were wounded, two critically, and nine activists were killed. Watch the video here:

Turkey permitted the Marmara to fly under its flag. Turkey knew that the IHH (Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation) had organized the Flotilla, and supports the genocidal terrorist organization Hamas, several Jihadist organizations in Bosina, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere, and has ties with Al Qaeda. But Turkey did not prevent the Flotilla from disembarking and attacking Israel’s sovereign right to protect itself from terrorists attempting to enter or to smuggle weapons to Hamas in Gaza.

Now Turkey is condemning Israel for the unfortunate casualties, and is leading the charge to condemn Israel at the U.N. It is Turkey that should be condemned by the United Nations for its role in this deadly trap set for Israelis.

Turkey has blood on its hands, not Israel.

Join StandWithUs, the ILC and the CIC TODAY – Tuesday, June 1, in a demonstration against Turkey for its sinister assault on Israeli sovereignty and for its implicit endorsement of the terrorist groups. Bring your friends and relatives. Bring Israeli and American flags, we will bring signs.

Turkey must not be given a free pass to support terrorist activity.


Join StandWithUs, the ILC and the CIC
Tuesday 6/1/10 at 5pm PST
in front of the Turkish consulate
6300 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, California
Bring your Israeli flags and American flags. In Los Angeles, we will provide you with signs.

NEW YORK: Pro-Israel Demonstration TODAY-
at 6:00 PM (EST) on Tuesday, June 1
outside of the Israeli Consulate,
800 Second Avenue (42nd Street)

For people in other cities, signs will be available today after noon PST at Go to “signs”.

For clarity on Turkey’s involvement read this.



31 thoughts on “Support Israel: Emergency Demonstrations Today

  1. Israel has the right to defend their land and borders, Good for Israel.
    Maybe Natanyahu should run the US as well.

  2. “Israel has the right to defend their land and borders, Good for Israel.”

    But not the right to kill innocent civilians. Israel has shot itself in the foot.

    Michael Byers, Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia, who notes that the only justification for forcibly boarding a ship on the high seas is self-defence. Even then, the action taken must be “necessary and proportionate.” Given what is known about Israel’s boarding of the aid flotilla, “the action does not appear to have been necessary, in that the threat was not imminent,” Prof. Byers said.

  3. Fuzzy you are missing the facts. Watch the video, read the links, do some research on Israel’s lawful blockade of Gaza and then come back. I will not permit anti-Israel propaganda here anymore than I permit pro-castro propaganda. Consider this a warning.

  4. Fuzzy you are , what is wrong in the World, no brains.

    I suppose the US would allow a Ship or 2 From Iran to travel to the US to supply Terrorists in the US ? DUH !

    Israel will defend themselves despite what you may think or believe.

  5. “But not the right to kill innocent civilians”

    Tell that to all the Palestinian terrorist groups that have been killing Israelis for the last forty plus years.


    The more you post the more your bias and hidden agenda are shown to everyone here.

    Those “innocent civilians” you mention have an agenda against Israel and are pro-Hamas, a terrorist group that does not recognize Israel right to exist.

    I’m sure that this group is up to bringing trouble to the state of Israel under the disguise of “helping” the Palestinian people as it is a very clever tactic that never fails to bring results to the wrong side in this conflict.

    What is so amazing about these groups that they’re so predictable in their goals that they become transparent from the start of their actions.

    My sincere advice; quit while you’re behind, because you’re no longer fooling anyone here with your anti-Israel bullshit.

    In this blog we’re one hundred percent pro-Israel and it is for a good reason.

    If you don’t like get the heck out of here and take your act someplace else and your International bullshit Law along with you

  6. Why do these people come here when they know they are not welcome? I would never want to invade a website where I knew I was not welcome. Very peculiar. No one is convinced by their nonsense, yet they feel compelled to spout it to the deaf ears here.

  7. There’s plenty wrong with Canada that I don’t want to go into right here on a thread regarding Israel, I simply want to point out the welcome from our Canadian Prime Minister to Israel’s Prime Minister, while this incident was unfolding, after the incident, they spoke late into the evening… I believe that this friendship is intact today.

    A few weeks past, North Korea attacked without warning, a South Korean ship, murdering half the crew.
    things are warming up for North Korea now, but nowhere near the escalation of hatred that is accepted worldwide against Israel.
    If a country were to try and send a humanitarian shipment of goods to the Kurds in Turkey, what would be the result? I think it’s clear that Turkey wouldn’t accept such a provocation into its sovereignty. There’d be hell to pay so to speak.

    The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.

  8. Good point Marc!

    During the 1990’s the Turks destroyed 2,000 Kurdish villages and murdered over 200,000 (mostly Muslim) Kurds – under the guise of fighting the PKK. Their hypocrisy here is startling. I hope Israel starts to arm Kurdish rebels in Eastern Turkey – maybe a humanitarian shipment of AK 47’s ? 🙂

  9. Israel is totally justified in defending itself. It is not justified in killing civilians. What part of Israel shooting itself in the foot do some of you not understand? Quote:

    Ha’aretz columnist Ari Shavit wrote today that, in its actions onboard the Mavi Marmara, “Israel is serving Hamas’ interests better than Hamas itself has ever done.”

    Here is how Hamas’ interests have been served so far:

    * Under severe pressure, Egypt, which has blockaded Gaza by land for its own political reasons, has opened its borders (at least for now), a move that is likely to facilitate more weapons shipments than the most extreme estimates of potential smuggling from the Mavi Marmara would have supplied.

    * Turkey, the only predominantly Muslim country that regards Israel as an ally, has recalled its ambassador from Tel Aviv amid massive anti-Israeli protests in the streets of Istanbul.

    * Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was on his way to Washington to discuss the resumption of Palestinian peace talks with President Barack Obama, had to go home (for obvious reasons), and the prospect for renewed diplomacy—which had gained much support in the region—has, to say the least, diminished.

    * The case for tighter sanctions against Iran, to the extent that they involve sympathy with Israel’s security concerns, has been dealt a setback, just as the U.N. nuclear agency has announced that Iran has enough fuel to build two A-bombs (though the fuel still needs to be enriched).

    * The U.N. Security Council has condemned Israel’s actions, and countless aid groups, including no doubt several that are hostile to Israel, are sailing toward Gaza, as if to dare the Israelis to fire on them too and, in any case, to deal another blow against the legitimacy of the blockade.

    In sum, in order to keep one ship from delivering aid directly to Hamas—and, as Ha’aretz put it, choosing “the worst of all possible options” to do so—Israel has plunged itself into the deepest state of isolation that it’s experienced in years.

  10. Thank you for your concern. That’s what I was taught to say when someone gives me ridiculous unasked for advice.
    Where is your advice to North Korea? Where to Turkey for its obvious provocation? Where to Gaza and the constant rain of bombs on innocent Israeli civilians?
    Israel, as we all know, has no need to be suspicious of a ship approaching in open defiance of a blockade, organized by Egypt and herself, with lots of Islamists who can be seen shouting death to the Jews and, ecstatically, we seek martyrdom. Some got what they sought.
    Go write your lists on a Palestinian website.

  11. Fuzzy –

    For what it’s worth arguing with somebody who is more than not decidedly anti-Israel (the ‘fault in the whole world in this order: 1. Jews … 2. global warming … 3. Bush … 4. Jews cause 2&3 … resulting in 9/11) … the people on that flotilla were all terror groups operatives. BTW, I’ve not seen pictures of women on the boats. Had they made it past the IDF I guarantee they would have fought beside Hamas in whatever is being planned in Gaza for the hot summer months (the usual time for each conflict over there).

    50 Flotilla Passengers Tied To Global Jihad Network

    The Flotilla Passengers Had Written Wills and Were Ready For Martyrdom

  12. Israel, like Cuba, is treated with an obvious double standard and shameless hypocrisy by all manner of fashionably “progressive” and “enlightened” people. Israel knows and accepts this, and simply does what it has to do to do. Cubans are another story, much to their detriment. You’d think that after over 50 years, they’d stop stop waiting for pigs to fly.

  13. The flotilla was warned several times not to proceed but to stop at the port so that Israeli Commandos could board the ships to make sure there wasn’t any illegal contraband (weapons for Hamas etc.) on board. THREE times those in the flotilla REFUSED. The Israeli government had no other recourse but to board the ships. This is the normal Modus Operandis of the military whenever there’s a blockade of a country in place. It was done in Cuba in 1962 during the Missile Crisis, and it was done in North Korea (called Cuba Lite) during a U.S. led program to check for weapons of mass destruction. Israel has EVERY right to protect itself. This blockade has been in place for a long time now. The international community should know that the “peaceful activists” were intentionally refusing to follow the law and instead were looking for a confrontation. The Israeli government KNEW that what the “peaceful activists” were looking for was an international incident to both create a crisis for Israel with the leftist’s son of bitches at the U.N. and the overall international community, and disrupt Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit with President Obama.

    These “peaceful activists” KNEW that the Israelis never mess around when it comes to national security, yet, they insisted in attempting to breach the IDF maritime blockade of Gaza by disobeying the Israelis’ request to change course. When they decided not to obey the laws imposed by a legitimate blockade, they had to accept the consequences. I’m sorry that many lost their lives…It’s the price they paid for trying to prove a point.

    The Israeli Commandos showed tremendous restrain in my opinion. These Special Forces are renowned night fighters and are one of the most respected military forces in the world. They are always prepared for the unexpected with techniques that can be utilized effectively under pressure. They put up with the beatings and with being thrown overboard, but when the knives and metal pipes came out then everything changed. They radioed in asking for permission to defend themselves, and permission was granted.

    Was it expected of them to be sacrificial lambs just because there were women and children on board? It’s not the first time Moslems use civilians to further their cause. More’s the pity that many were American useful idiots.

    But more to the point… We should be looking at Turkey and their involvement in this fiasco.

    We should also ask ourselves… Why was there a TV crew from Al Jezeera on board?

  14. OH! This is getting better and better, This morning Fox had on the hubby of one of the ‘humanitarians’ (apparently there were women on other boats, but I’m not certain about the boat that was boarded).

    1) he claims they have video of the IDF firing as they come down the ropes … I’ve yet to see that one. But if you scroll up to my first comment link here there is a Brit expert that goes over his viewing of the video to say most of the weapons the IDF carried were basically ‘riot-control’ (paintball-type) weapons, with side-arms holstered. I have no doubts the IDF went to real guns once they saw what they were up against.

    2) the guy in the Fox interview says they were NOT warned by the IDF in the area to go to the port they were supposed to … BULLSHIT! Here’s a vid of the IDF’s warning:

    I think I’ll believe Israel and the IDF, thank you.

  15. Fuzzy , Israel is God’s chosen people, Israel is doing what the almighty is guiding them to do, even if it leaves them without one friend in the World.
    It is funny that the nations who rosed to critic Israel are the very nations found in Ezekiel chapter 38-39, which will come against Israel when Israel finds itself without friends, yes it has being prophesied Israel will be left standing alone, so they will call upon the very God who brought them out of Egypt.
    On that day the Prophecies say, God himself will rise up and do battle against the nations who will come against Israel.
    No one should be surprised by this events, no one should be surprised that we have a Muslim President in the White house, who pretends to be friendly to Israel , but will abandon her in the blinking of an eye, when Islam gathers to attack Israel in the last Battle the US will not be there.
    So much so that the USA doesn’t even appear in Bible Prophecy, But Israel won’t need the US or anybody else, for people will look up and see the Son Of God coming down in the Clouds with Hundreds of Millions of His saints and Angels, on that day the people will drown on their own blood.”

    That what’s in store for your Islamic friends.
    Shalom Aleichem.
    Sha-alu Shalom Yerushaleim.
    Masshiach Chai.

  16. firefly –

    BTW, G.O.Y.

    Everything I offered in links in my comments backs up your comments.

    This little attempt by the pro-terrorist left in this country and the world ain’t gonna fly. The IDF ALWAYS video tapes everything dealing with their conflicts with Palestine, etc. And then releases those videos for the world to see. But the world is blindfolded by those pro-terrorist headbands they’re wearing.

    This was set-up by TPTB in that region that want to make Israel look like the aggressor and the bad guy.

    Why do they feel so emboldened?

    Because they now realize the Obama administration has abandoned Israel and is on their side.

  17. And what does POTUS do? Defend our ally Israel? No he apologizes to Turkey!

    “White House: “President Obama Expressed His Condolences”
    Published: 6/2/2010
    , D.C. – The White House said that U.S. President Barack Obama spoke on Tuesday with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to express his deep condolences for the loss of life and injuries resulting from the Israeli military operation against the Turkish-flagged ship bound for Gaza.”

    The rest is here: H/T: Melek

  18. So many here are missing the point. Israel can and should defend itself. But there was no need to board those boats and kill civilians. That should and could have been avoided. It was a serious miscalculation and really harms Israel. This is the same thing that many JEWISH people in ISRAEL are saying!

  19. Fuzzy, how can you be so dense? You say Israel can and should defend itself. That’s exactly what they were doing. Those “civilians” became enemy combatments the moment they stepped on the ship for the purpose of violating a lawful international blockade. They ceased being civilians when they attacked the IDF who were doing their job defending Israel. They ceased being innocent civilians when the said,” “This mission is not about delivering humanitarian supplies, it’s about breaking Israel’s siege on 1.5 million Palestinians.” (AFP, May 27, 2010.) Since your brain seems to be unable to tell the difference between fact and fiction, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. There is no shortage of food and medicine, contrary to MSM/Hamas/Anti-Israel propaganda. There is however moral crisis;the people of Gaza chose Hamas, a terrorist organization whose mandate is the total destruction of the state of Israel, and the murder of Jews everywhere for their leadership. They willingly blow up women and children, and Gaza, whom Israel withdrew from has fired over 5,000 rockets into Israel. As usual, Israel is being condemned, AS THEY ALWAYS ARE, NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO OR THAT THEY OFTEN ENDANDER THEIR OWN TROOPS TO AVOID KILLING CIVILIANS. Israel will do what it has to do to defend itself, international condemnation be damned. The only praise they will ever receive is if they agree to the destruction of the Jewish state.

    I’m sick and tired of trolls like you who pretend to be reasonalble, but who in fact quickly reveal their agenda. On every topic here at Babalu you have sided with the castro loving, anti-American, anti-Israel left. We all see straight through your bullshit, many just like you who have passed this way. You are wasting your time, and ours, and insulting the hosts here. Take it someplace else.

  20. Fuzzy, I repeat, thank you for your concern. See above.

    Ziva, there is no point talking to walls. I am still trying to figure out what pleasure these people get from visiting here and “educating us.
    Is it something you have an interest in doing?

  21. Fuzzy take the boniato out of your ears, Israel has the right to search any vessel it deems suspicious by International Law., just like the US coast guard borders Ships every day in International waters searching for drugs.
    Sometimes they find and sometimes they don’t, the videos clearly show Unarmed Israeli soldiers being beaten savagely by the activist.
    Stop being so stupid.

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