16 thoughts on “Best line of the day, Netanyahu edition

  1. Israel has been a major target as long as anyone can remember. It’s particularly important now in that Benjamin Netanyahu is not perceived but rather understood to be strong.

    As with President Reagan, the leftist termites have singled out the stronger of the men among leaders of the free world, in order to if not destroy them, to at least discourage other leaders from standing up to the gutless vicious left and as well to send a green light to other aspiring termites to take their cheap shots.

    Stratfor is of the considered opinion that this entire event, compleat with signs which protesting those mean Israelis which appeared during the raid, to be completely staged, well planned in advance to humiliate and discredit Israel.

    The difference here, as with so many recent events, is that the commie-sympathizing media is washed up, finished, and the The Net, Talk Radio, and yes, those ‘Voices of Hate on Shortwave’ about which bubba whined during the 90s, are very good bullshale detectors which expose the truth.

    Only leftists and those who enjoy having their ears tickled by leftist agitprop believe this was a ‘humanitarian’ mission.

    Loaded to the gunn’ls with weapons and explosives – a ‘humanitarian mission’.

    Yeah. Right. Soviet-trained Egyptian terrorist ‘Arafat’ – not his real name – received a free pass from the marxstream media.

    Not any more.

  2. “The Jewish state has a right to defend itself, just like any other state”

    just a kind of preemptive strike against the leftist apologists circling overhead like vultures waiting to feast…

  3. Of course when you remind lefties that Cubans have been killed for attempting to leave by boat or sneaking in to rescue family members the left gets amnesia.

    How long would a boat of anti communists handing out food to ordinary Cubans be tolerated. My guess about ten minutes before the the Communists open fire.

  4. You have to take this incident (and the ones to surely follow in the next days) for what they are.

    And that is another attempt to bring trouble to the State of Israel, period.

    Let’s tell it like it is, loud and clear.

    The enemies of Israel are emboldened by the fact that they have a Marxist/Muslim anti-American bullshit artist for POTUS as a willing accomplice to their conspiracy to destroy the Jewish state, make no mistake about it.

    I only wonder how all those many American Jews that blindly and stupidly voted for Obama feel now…

  5. Israel should just expel those in Gaza across the border to Egypt – then bulldoze the hellhole!

    Hey Egypt, you love the Palestinians so much, here you have them!

  6. As for Turkey, Israel needs to be very vigilant. The Turks have a large military and sophisticated weaponry (given to them by the U.S.) – sadly though I know who Obama is going to side with, hell he’ll probably volunteer to rally the Turkish troops to “expel the Zionists!”

  7. Mr. Mojito,

    The Jewish lobby is very powerful in America and Obama will get himself in big trouble if he goes too far against the State of Israel.

    I suspect that Obama will try to undermine the Jewish state in a sort of a concealed way trying to mask his bias against Israel. But at the end, his intentions will be obvious to everyone.

  8. “The Turks have a large military and sophisticated weaponry (given to them by the U.S.) ”

    And the State of Israel has nukes and the capability to deliver them to Turkey if the need be…

  9. When three of the six “freedom flotillas” were financed by the “Free Gaza” organization, which in turn is supported (money and aid) by Weather Underground terrorists and Obama cronies: Bill Ayres, his wife Bernardine Dorn and by code pink founder, community, social, political organizer, Jodie Evans, whose side do you think Obama is going to be on?

  10. Speaking of Arafat, don’t forget that he took his “how to lie and manipulate the media and win the PR battle” lessons from the father of modern terrorism, fidel. Now no manipulation is necessary, as the press are their lackeys.

  11. Bearkin, what a good idea – that Cuba would sink any flotilla trying to bring, not weapons, but food to the Cuban people.
    Freedom, it is not so covert, this administration’s undermining of Israel already.
    What is it going to take to make my liberal Jewish friends finally take notice?

  12. Honey

    Some of those who are liberal are not as they seem. Those who practice the actual religion tend to be more conservative. In my particular case my grandfather fought for Poland in 1920. It was the lesser of two evils and he left Poland at the first opportunity.

    Assuming your friends are merely liberal two things work. Listening to the horror stories coming out of the Jewish community in Venezuela first hand is an eye opener.
    You can also play the virulent antisemitic commentary of Larazza. This shows the true obsession Marxists have with Jews.

  13. beakerkin,
    You are assuming facts and logic matter to liberals. False assumption. I know from experience.

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