Fidel contradicting himself, again and again and….

Maybe his memory is very vague after 1994 and maybe it could be his fascist state of mind or maybe he feels he can get away with outright contradicting statements but Fidel Castro has just contradicted himself, again. Again, like he has done for more than 50 years already. Read this:

Cuban ex-president says Israeli commandos had fired ‘frenetically’ into Gaza aid workers.

HAVANA – Cuban ex-president Fidel Castro in an article out Wednesday described Israel’s interception of aid ships bound for the Gaza Strip as “Nazi fascist fury.”

He said the Israeli commandos that boarded the ships fired “frenetically” into the aid workers, killing at least nine.

He also wrote that it was unlikely that US President Barack Obama would be re-elected without first letting the US military or Israel launch a nuclear attack on Iran.

Castro, 83 convalescing away from government since 2006, writes regular columns for Cuban media commenting on world events.

“Is it possible,” Castro wondered, for Obama to be re-elected “without the Pentagon of the state of Israel… use nuclear weapons against Iran?” Castro wrote…Continue Here

Well it was on March 13, 1994 when the infamous  “Tugboat Massacre” occurred:

On July 13, 1994, at approximately 3:00 a.m., 72 Cuban nationals who were attempting to leave the island for the United States put out to sea from the port of Havana in an old tugboat named “13 de Marzo”. The boat used for the escape belonged to the Maritime Services Enterprise of the Ministry of Transportation.
According to eyewitnesses who survived the disaster, no sooner had the tug “13 de Marzo” set off from the Cuban port than two boats from the same state enterprise began pursuing it. About 45 minutes into the trip, when the tug was seven miles away from the Cuban coast–in a place known as “La Poceta”–two other boats belonging to said enterprise appeared, equipped with tanks and water hoses, proceeded to attack the old tug. “Polargo 2,” one of the boats belonging to the Cuban state enterprise, blocked the old tug “13 de Marzo” in the front, while the other, “Polargo 5,” attacked from behind, splitting the stern. The two other government boats positioned themselves on either side and sprayed everyone on deck with pressurized water, using their hoses…..Continue Reading Here

More contradiction, this time from Granma:

THE Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba has learned with profound concern of the criminal attack perpetrated in the early hours of May 31 by the special forces of the Israeli Army on a flotilla of boats which, in international waters, was transporting humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people resident in the Gaza Strip, an attack that provoked death and injury among various members of that flotilla.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its most energetic condemnation of this devious and criminal attack on the part of the Israeli government and calls on the international community and peace-loving peoples to demand the immediate lifting by the Israeli authorities of the illegal, ruthless and genocidal blockade of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip….Continue Here


You can actually get confused between the Tugboat massacre and the Raid on the Humanitarian flotilla when reading this . You can substitute the Cuban Dream to be Free with the Humanitarian supplies that the flotilla was carrying, it doesn’t take that much imagination. You can take a break in your thinking pattern and direct your imagination south of Cuba and when the U.S. Coast Guard intercepts the balseros.  The Cuban refugees had it much worse in comparing the two events, they had no weapons to defend themselves with. Also, the Cuban government didn’t even attempt to board the vessel like the Israeli Navy Seals did. They sunk the boat immediately and intentionally. Innocent human lives, mostly woman and children, were murdered that mourning:

Leonardo Notario Góngora, Marta Tacoronte Vega, Caridad Leyva Tacoronte, Yausel Eugenio Pérez Tacoronte, Mayulis Méndez Tacoronte, Odalys Muñoz García, Pilar Almanza Romero, Yaser Perodín Almanza, Manuel Sánchez Callol, Juliana Enriquez Carrasana, Helen Martínez Enríquez, Reynaldo Marrero, Joel García Suárez, Juan Mario Gutiérrez García, Ernesto Alfonso Joureiro, Amado Gonzáles Raices, Lázaro Borges Priel, Liset Alvarez Guerra, Yisel Borges Alvarez , Guillermo Cruz Martínez, Fidelio Ramel Prieto-Hernández, Rosa María Alcalde Preig, Yaltamira Anaya Carrasco, José Carlos Nicole Anaya, María Carrasco Anaya, Julia Caridad Ruiz Blanco, Angel René Abreu Ruiz, Jorge Arquímides Lebrijio Flores, Eduardo Suárez Esquivel, Elicer Suárez Plascencia, Omar Rodríguez Suárez, Miralis Fernández Rodríguez, Cindy Rodríguez Fernández, José Gregorio Balmaceda Castillo, Rigoberto Feut Gonzáles, Midalis Sanabria Cabrera, and four other victims who could not be identified.

Read this report from the OAS of how it all occurred, this reply (#25) from the Cuban Communist State says:

25. “This unfortunate accident demonstrates once again how unscrupulous individuals take the lives of many people, including women and children, because of their wish to emigrate illegally from our country and to be welcomed as heroes by the United States, despite the fact that the American authorities–as we all know–deny them visas to travel in a normal manner.”

Contradictions, over and over and over…



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  1. I think it was Tony Blair who defined a free country and one that is not free.
    Look at how many people are trying to get into the country or how many are trying to get out of it. See the U.S. and Cuba, for example.
    It’s a good definition except when you are looking at terrorist countries like Gaza. There those trying to get in are more terrorists.

  2. That tugboat thing? The one all but ignored by the “paper of record,” the Herbert Matthews rag? How significant could it possibly be? I mean, it’s not like it was perpetrated by a right-wing regime, in which case it would have been treated like the abomination to end all abominations. Really, you need to have a nice, long talk with Woody Allen or Oliver Stone. You know, people who are in touch with reality and in step with fashion.

  3. Does anyone believe that Fidel is still writing ?
    He must have a inter Dimensional typing machine connected from Hell to Havana.

  4. Zombie Fidel just bangs on the keyboard whilst slobbering, moaning, and chained to the computer so he doesn’t wander off and bite and infect the people around him. Someone just interprets what he says.

    Nah dude Fidel is ashes by now. Great minds think alike Wajiro.

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