Intellectual honesty?

In a letter written to and published by the Washington Times, Tomas Bilbao, the executive director of Carlos Saladrigas’ Cuba Study Group, responds to Mauricio Claver-Carone’s excellent editorial and asks for “intellectual honesty.”

An intellectually honest discussion of U.S. policy toward Cuba cannot ignore the fact that the island’s main democracy advocates – the principal victims of the Castro brothers’ repressive acts – have urged the U.S. Congress to break the isolation it has helped impose on the Cuban people. At the very least, Mr. Claver-Carone could continue to ignore these facts rather than mislead readers by suggesting that the democracy advocates he mentions in his piece support his strategy of maintaining the status quo.

Intellectual honesty?

Intellectual honesty from an organization that insists that a letter from 74 Cubans is a policy statement representative of the beliefs of 11-million Cubans on the island and 2-million in exile, but insists that a letter from 494 Cubans on the island, and another letter from 256 former political prisoners who served a combined 3,551 years in a Castro gulag supporting a different view is dishonest and an attempt to quiet dissenting voices?

Intellectual honesty from a group that has positioned itself to make millions of dollars exploiting the enslaved Cuban people?

Intellectual honesty from individuals who say they want freedom and democracy for Cubans and at the same time negotiate business deals with Cuba’s slave masters?

Intellectual honesty from an individual whose argument is intellectually dishonest?

Really, Mr. Bilbao, intellectual honesty?

That is quite a fanciful request coming from the likes of you and your business partners.



11 thoughts on “Intellectual honesty?

  1. Mr. Intellectual Honesty defriended me on facebook because I had the audacity to post a comment with an opposing view on his wall where he posted a jpg of his “editorial”.

    No tiene tabla ni pa’ debatir.

  2. So did anybody expect this guy to behave any differently? Why do you think he’s in that job in that organization? I know he’s still insulting to one’s intelligence, to say the least, but let’s face it, there’s never been a shortage of people like him. There never will be.

  3. Val:

    You mean Mr. Intellectual Honesty is trying to quash dissenting points of view?

    What a surprising and ironic twist of fate. I am just so, so, so, taken aback that a man of such intellect and honesty would be so dishonest.

    Next thing you’re going to tell me is that his group has a 10-million dollar fund ready to make micro-loans to Cubans at 105% APR, providing the Castro regime, of course, with their cut of the obscene profits.

    Eso fuera la tapa del pomo!

  4. do we actually believe that the majority of the people on the island want the embargo to remain? you mean the same people who grew up with those that come over, get a job and come back in month to visit family and friends? You mean the same ones that watch the Ladies in White week after week and either avert their eyes or join in the repudio? You mean the ones who barely stirred with the death of Zapata? You mean the ones who are watching Farinas wither away into nothingness? I think you give them too much credit.

    I don’t think it should be left up to them whether or not the embargo is lifted. It is our policy (our being the US). We get to choose when, where and how it is lifted. I really couldn’t give a flying fig what Cubans on the island think about the embargo. I appreciate and welcome their opinion but ultimately the decision is ours. We should do what is best for us and if works out for them, great. If not, sorry.

  5. I guess every dog has its day and mine finally arrived. I’ve said before that despite my antagonistic tone deep down, I really want the same thing we all do. I wouldn’t bother to show up here if I did not feel that way.

  6. And yes you’re right; at the end all of us want the same, Cuba’s unconditional freedom from the Castro brother’s tyranny and justice for the crimes they have committed.

    Whether that’ll be achieved in our lifetime, that’s another story…

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