“Loyalty to the service”

Pelaez’s husband loved the commie spy agency more than his own son:

In the end, in court, the side of their lives described as cloaked in secrecy and deception mostly won out over parenthood, with two defendants denied bail. Another was allowed to serve a kind of house arrest under conditions yet to be met.

She is the only one that the government concedes lived under her own name: Vicky Peláez. Ms. Peláez is a veteran columnist for El Diario La Prensa, a newspaper in New York. Her husband, known as Juan José Lázaro Sr., postponed his request for bail.

Mr. Lázaro, a former professor at Baruch College who has a 17-year-old son with Ms. Peláez, told officials that although he “loved his son, he would not violate his loyalty to the ‘Service’ even for his son,” prosecutors said.

Mr. Lázaro made the comment in a long and damaging statement after his arrest on Sunday, prosecutors revealed, in which he admitted his ties to the “Service,” a reference to the Russian S.V.R., the successor to the K.G.B., the Soviet-era spy agency.

Bastards. Every single motherfucking one of them.



9 thoughts on ““Loyalty to the service”

  1. “get the rope”

    And hang them high…

    What gets to me is that is so obvious there are so many spies the Castro regime has here in America (specially in our community) that are lobbying and spying for the regime and is clear that our intelligence services know who they’re and yet don’t do anything about them.

    I wonder what is the hidden agenda of our government that over the years (no matter which political party is in power) only a very few group of these characters has been rounded-up and brought to justice.

  2. he’s not twisted…he is a true believer…a scum sucking commie. why has the theory never been floated that Pelaez’s “kidnapping” was nothing but a hoax? An elaborate ruse to get her asylum in the US? I know I am usually the one casting doubt on conspiracy theories but I really believe this should be explored.

  3. For these commie h. de la gran pu**s there is no loyalty for thier own mothers or children. Its only for the cause. Thats why not only good commie is a DEAD one!

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