Bravo! McDonalds tell the food Nazis to shove it

It’s about damn time!

At McDonald’s, we listen to what our customers tell us. For the past 30 years they have told us — again, overwhelmingly — that they approve of our Happy Meal program. Three decades provide a lot of listening time. That’s why we are confident that parents understand and appreciate that Happy Meals are a fun treat, with right-sized, quality food choices for their children.

On this point, it seems that you purposefully skewed your evaluation of our Happy Meals by putting them in the context of a highly conservative 1,300 calorie per day requirement. I’m sure you know this category generally applies to the youngest and most sedentary children.

Furthermore, your over-the-top rhetoric flies in the face of our 55-year track record of caring for kids, a core McDonald’s value. Ronald McDonald House Charities has donated more than $465 million to children’s causes since its founding. Additionally, every night more than 6,400 families with critically ill children stay in the 300 Ronald McDonald Houses close to hospitals in 52 countries around the world. Also, customers recognize that their local McDonald’s restaurants and the franchisees who proudly run them continue to be some of the strongest supporters of youth athletics and activities in the world. Ronald McDonald also serves as an ambassador for children’s well-being, promoting messages around physical activity and living a balanced, active lifestyle.

As Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s, I want you to know we will vigorously defend our brand, our reputation, our food and our people. CSPI is wrong in its assertions, and frivolous in its legal threats. McDonald’s has proudly evolved both our menu and marketing practices and will continue to respond to our customers’ needs. We have more choice and variety than ever before in our Happy Meals and across our menu. Furthermore, McDonald’s makes available in-depth, comprehensive nutrition information about our food to give parents the support they need to make appropriate choices for their children.

And let me add, in saltier language, a hearty FUCK YOU to the food Nazis everywhere who want to run our fucking lives. Fuck off, assholes!

Now, Mr. Skinner, pretty please, can we talk about bringing back your delicious deep fried apple pies?

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7 thoughts on “Bravo! McDonalds tell the food Nazis to shove it

  1. As one of the millions of distraught / happy parents that have had to stay overnight in a Ronald McDonald House while “magic” took place in a nearby hospital, in repair of a leaking 9 months old girl’s heart valve, I agree George… a super-sized fuck you to the food Nazi’s.

    *two of the 3 kids had their first jobs at McDonalds.
    ** we still have the apple pies here, maybe they’re baked now instead of fried? I dunno.

    • Notice I said “fried.” They changed under pressure before, changing the apple pies to baked, and altering the lard the fries are cooked in because of some dumbass vegan group’s complaint about beef tallow.


      Anyway, I’m glad they finally grew a pair and told these CSPI Nazi motherfuckers to stick it.

  2. As the old saying goes, “No two countries that both had a McDonalds ever went to war with each other”.
    All we are saying…is give Big Mac a chance….

  3. If only they would be FAST again. But I’m behind you, McDonald’s: screw the food nazis. The food nazis told me for years to eat plenty of carbohydrates, including “whole grains”. Well, I’ve lost 38 pounds by simply NOT eating them, and am no longer on ANY medications. So yes, SCREW YOU, food nazis. Lard rools.

  4. Lol that reminds me of an Alvarez Guedes joke “There were two friends, one came to the other when he was sick after and says “Hey man don’t worry when you get out of here we’re gonna have a tremendous meal of Lechon Asado, congris,yuca, and ice cold beer!” To this the grave man say “Are you crazy? That shit’ll kill you!” To which the guy says “Stop eating shit, man, You’ll be eating that again in no time.” Well, a week passes and the guy that was sick was feeling better now and considered what his friend told him. So he called him up “Hey bro, I’m ready for that lechon asado, let’s do it!” He hears a weak voice on the other line “Are you crazy? That shit’ll kill you!” 🙂

  5. On a serious note, the decision should lie with us as consumers. I personally don’t eat there anymore, but I’m not about to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Me recuerdo cuando yo era chiquito mi abuelos me llevaba con los primos a McDonald’s y nosotros depues de comer un happy meal, jodimos un poco en el playground. These people all criticize McDonald because they’re either fat asses, or people that have just seen “Super Size Me” and lack responsibility and self discipline that they feel the need to blame the franchise for their inability to control they’re weight. Everything (except women 😀 ) in moderation. No one’s holding a gun to anyone’s head and saying “Eat at McDonald’s everyday or I’ll kill you where you stand!”

    Common-sense is our best friend.

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