The Age Of The Middle Digits

My Son-in-law (a complete sports freak and coach himself) was here last night waiting and watching for LeBron’s announcement on ESPN. Was a moment in the live interview when the basketball player was asked, “And does the team you’ve picked know you’ve chosen them?”

And James said, “Yes.”

At that point all other teams knew it was not them. At that point the owners and staff/team of the Cleveland Cavaliers knew he’d abandoned them. It was only a matter of a few more moments in the interview that the Cleveland fans of North East Ohio would know they were being left behind for another ‘lover’. Hey, let’s be real here, however … In THIS instance, his loyalty and devotion aside … “cowardly betrayal” aside, the man DID make a business decision. The round-ball bouncer who calls the POTUS a good friend and supports him and his agenda for the rest of the country basically doesn’t want to spread HIS wealth around. Self-preservation. It’s what this country is all about. Free enterprise. Capitalism. Every person licking their wounds this morning would make the same career decision if presented with it. You can’t please ALL the people all the time, we’re told … well, we used to be told.

It was pointed out by more than one ‘conservative’ voice yesterday afternoon in the lead-up to the evening announcement that the bulk of the news industry was too concentrated on an overpaid self-centered athlete and an overpaid self-centered drug/alcohol abusing immature actress that believes she’s above the law and advertises it on her middle fingernail manicure. Too concentrated on two people who’s career decisions were leading them to either ‘greener pastures’, or into the gutter. Two people whose careers do NOT directly effect our individual lives, or the welfare of this nation.

Too concentrated on two people who should be a microcosm, an in-your-face example, of the one person sitting in a seat of power in this country that is moving through the last year and a half like some self-centered self-serving celebrity and narcissistic whore who refuses to see the total destruction on the horizon. A man who doesn’t need a fancy manicure to tell the American people what he thinks of them through his middle finger.

So, what did my son-in-law say after LeBron finally stated (actually confirmed, after the leak during the course of the day) his choice of Miami?

“F**k him …”

Hey, enjoy him, Miami.

That’s how we ‘roll’ here in NE Ohio … We’re tough. We slap ourselves for putting faith in people and things that end up disappointing us, and go to work the next morning. But being a democrat party stranglehold for decades NE Ohio never seems to fully learn from the “teachable moments” afforded them. I think it’s time the people in Ohio, and in this country, take a lesson from this, and say the same thing in November to the people actually directly and arrogantly effecting our lives for the worse, now and in the future with their middle-fingers in our faces … “F**k `em!”


[Editor’s note from Pitbull: I am not a basketball fan; I frankly don’t know (and don’t care about) what all the hoohah is all about. That said, as Maggie linked, it was brought up last night on the blogosphere that part of the attraction of moving to Florida was that it is a no state income tax domicile. If that is the case, I applaud him for making a smart business decision. However, the man he supported in 2008 is definitely not someone you can count on to keep taxes down. Just another example of liberals exercising La Ley del Embudo. (“The Law of the Funnel,” or I get the wide end, you get the thin narrow end…]



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  1. My limited understanding of NBA suggests that he might actually be taking a pay cut to play alongside the other two players at Miami. But no income taxes, and the huge pay off that a championship would bring him for life would tell me this is indeed a smart business decision.

  2. The massive amount of time, energy and money lavished on pro sports is, to my mind, quite irrational. Same goes for the obsession with “celebrities” in general. It is both shallow and immature, among other things, not to mention VERY wasteful. And yes, it’s a dangerous pacifier, which distracts from real, substantial issues that really DO affect people’s lives significantly.

  3. Asombra,

    This is one time I disagree with you. People get paid according to what others want to pay them, in a free market. And a lot of money goes to sports figures or others because a lot of people like them. I don’t want any regulation to change that or to control that.

    I also don’t care what anyone’s obsession is with celebrities or sports heroes. There is nothing wrong with enjoying sports or entertainment.

    Many who like sports are conservatives and are good for our side. Many who are too snobbish to love sports or rock stars are liberal and not good for those real and substantive issues.
    So I won’t put the two together.

    Live and let live. I can spend lots of time loving the Phillies and the Eagles and still be passionate about my politics.

    I wish more people would be on my side politically. That’s all I care about.

  4. Honey, I’m not talking about regulation other than self-control. I’m not talking about enjoying entertainment, but about being obsessed with it, or making too much of it. Winning in sports does NOT make anybody a hero. It makes them good at playing a game. The celebrity thing is beyond ridiculous, and that’s not being snobbish, it’s being in touch with reality. I respect your position, but I stand by mine.

  5. Honey and Asombra,

    I too greatly enjoy entertainment. It’s why I get so pissed when celebs insist on becoming obnoxious in their political blather. (Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion, and if I think they’ve gone beyond tolerable levels I exercise my opinion by holding back my consumer dollars.)

    I’m hoping you all are seeing the context in which I penned these thoughts, partially from the viewpoint of someone who had been in the media and see what’s happening.

    During the 1990s I was a registered democrat, although I NEVER voted for Bill Clinton, staying at home to raise my two young daughters thankfully without a van or soccer. At that time I watched CNN/MSNBC before they blew their minds on some strange alien drug. (My cable didn’t carry Fox News yet, if it was even established at that time.) I always tell everybody my wake-up moment was that afternoon in April that found me not just walking by the TV but dropping to the edge of my seat to witness what was going on in Waco, Tx. That, and how the MSM sloppily hurried to provide suppressing fire and cover for Clinton’s cover-up of a stupid personal, but not illegal, indiscretion that he made into a very legal matter for the POTUS. It was roughly from then on that the media decided celebrity, in any form, was going to be the distracting red meat to feed the viewing masses when more important things were rotting behind that inane coverage. Since then the American people, like Pavlov’s dogs, have become very obedient to the raw meat distraction from more important news stories. Quite the power the American people have willingly, and stupidly, relinquished to them. Those of us here know this and have our own sources for news in spite of it.

    LeBron’s and LiLo’s “middle digits” directly effect them (pity LeBron when he travels with the Heat to Cleveland next season for games … dayyyum!) and not us. They were the nice juicy slabs of raw meat this time for the media to wave around in order to not only keep the attention away from the more important news but to keep from having to cover said important news (the fed’s and BP’s failure in the Gulf, the huge miscarriages going on in the DOJ, the stealth takeovers of anything and everything in this country, etc.). Our watch dogs have become yapping jackals that are distracting and toying with us as our own government predators move in for the kill. We’d better wake up.

    Like anything else in our “Liberties” it should be up to us as individuals to find and implement our own distractions. After all, it is our ‘right to pursue happiness’. But now that seems to be included in the whole nanny-mentality that has seeped into this nation’s psyche.


  6. drillanwr,
    Yes, this I do agree with wholeheartedly. Bozell’s mailing today was about how the msm will spend much time on Lindsay Lohan and say nothing about the new guy Obama is appointing in recess. So I do think they will Michael Jackson us to death to distract.
    asombra, I agree that it is easy to look down on America’s obsession with American Idol or survivor reality shows. And I am a political animal. So mine was just a gentle disagreement.

  7. The Phillies? The Eagles? Who are they?

    Indeed. Now, had she said Flyers, well, I would have raised a ruckus.

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