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by Esteban Fernández

Within the Cuban exile community lately the voices of “Avoid bloodshed after the fall of the tyranny” have been abuzz. I detest all of those who spend their lives wanting to protect, starting now and here, those SOBs if one day the big bosses are toppled.

I myself live more hurt by the river of blood provoked (since July 26, 1953, and in the next few days it will mark 57 years since the beginning of the bloodshed in Cuba) by a group of Fidelistas than by what can happen to them. To those Fidelistas my greatest desire is to see them dragged through the streets of Cuba.

They vehemently maintain that the important thing is that Fidel and Raul leave – quietly to live in Switzerland – and also a small group of 10 or 15 leaders of the Cuban revolution. That is all, that is sufficient. That is not sufficient for me. I want to see them hanging from every Ceiba tree that you can find in Cuba.

It is a hypocritical theory that not even they believe since it is obvious that no one will have control over the Cuban people when the time comes to impose street justice. The say that Castroism assassinated many people, and if those assassins are killed it will turn into a never ending chain of death and there will be no end to the violence in Cuba. I don’t give a damn; cut all their throats.

I believe the opposite. It seems to me that the problem will never end in our country if the assassins are allowed to remain loose, living amongst us, working with us, and sowing conflict between us.

Take for instance the example of the Jews. They did not forgive the Nazis. To this day they do not accept them, and every Nazi that raises his head is a Nazi that gets it torn off. And what problem do they have now with the Nazis? None. Where are the children and grandchildren of Nazis eliminated by the Jews who are now looking for revenge or creating serious problems for the State of Israel? So why is it that we must cut short our hope for revenge?

The absurd thesis of protecting (starting from now) so many mini-monsters created by the main monster makes those of us that maintain intact our bitter hatred for the oppressors of our country look bad. And I have had it up to here having to listen to Maria Elvira Salazar flirting with whichever thug that happens to arrive in Miami.

Let every person think however they like, but I will never share the premise of a “clean slate,” or “nothing has happened here,” or “let Fidel and Raul leave and it’s all over.”

In the end the final decision will not be made by me, or by those that promulgate the forgiveness of sins without the slightest possibility of being judges. And if God does not allow me the opportunity to arrive in time to participate in a firing squad against the thugs of Castro’s tyranny, I will conform myself with the dignified position that those savages (if they save themselves on that day or exile themselves here before) will never be my friends.

Their fate, their future, will not be in my hands, but neither will it be with those that from here have devoted themselves to throwing them a lifeline. What hurts me, what bothers me, is that MY FATE AND MY FUTURE will be in the hands of those thugs (if they save themselves as many have proposed) when the time comes for me to return to Cuba.

For a person that thinks like myself, what possibilities can a country have where the armies of the State Security, the torturers of Combinado del Este, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, the military, the border battalions, the snitches, are all allowed to remain intact? I defecate on all that say to me that I have to be part of the same country as Ramiro Valdés and Casas Regueiro.

You will have to forgive me, but I believe that our country requires a serious cleansing. Unfortunately, there are some here that are more interested in saving the life of a miliciano than the life of a rabid anti-Castro Cuban like myself.

Translated and published with the author’s permission.

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  1. what other communist to free country went through a similar “cleansing”? The most successful ones went after a couple of sacrificial lambs and moved on with their lives. The monsters of ’56, 68 and ’81 did horrible things comparable if not worse than what Castro Inc. has done. Hate to break it to you all but we aren’t that special. To compare what the Nazis did to the Jews to our situation is to be kind, disingenuous.

    • Of course you’re right, Cardinal. Cuban lives, compared to others, are worthless. Six, sixty, six hundred, six thousand, six million. What’s the difference…

  2. Sweet music to my ears. Muchicimas gracias, Esteban. Te la comiste.

    For the kingdom to fall, becoming the re-aquisition of a foriegn power (exiled Cubans), there must be blood. Fidel and his cohorts will not simply hand you the keys to the castle. Nevertheless, when the fate of such men comes a-knocking, we (exiled Cubans) must distinguish ourselves from such men like Che. Those who are captured (alive) will be judged by the due process of the law (conducted by exiled Cubans and dissidents; those who advocate a broad comprehension of Law and Democracy for the entirety of the land). It is with this fate that such men will die by the medium of death so chosen by his jury. And death will come to them as rapid as it came to the despot Sadamm Hussein. I repeat, exiled Cubans must separate themselves from the dregs of un-democratic and savage lands.

    However, if the mass of Cubans so desire to drag a limp Fidel through the streets, then that shall be his fate. I would not turn my cheek at such a sight, though I find it highly unlikely to occur. Today, if put on trial by the mass of Cubans, Fidel will more than likely be spared; they may even consolidate the necessary funds to extradite him to Switzerland. Then again, the kingdom will fail to fall without the robust support of the Cuban majority.

  3. It is important to be able to get the money back that was stolen as well. How can that be managed?
    I do hope there can be free elections and a free country with a constitution if the day ever comes when the evil ones are undone.

  4. 1. Fidel & Raul will never leave for Switzerland etc – even if given the chance. They legitimate have convinced themselves that they are Cuba’s savior. Messiah figures don’t relinquish power, even when given a cushy way out. Yes Fidel & Raul are shitbags who are out to enrich themselves, but they also believe most of the Commie crap they spew. They’re brains have rotted out.

    2. Post Fidel Cuba will be a very interesting and dangerous place. Many people will jockey for power, including those even to the LEFT of Fidel at present, who think he wasn’t Commie enough! I owuldn’t hold my breath about recieving compensation for stolen property, Cuba is broke and will be for a generation. However, hopefully they will work out a “right of return” where exiles can return back to their land if possible (however most former homes now have 4 families in them).

    3. The desire for revenge and blood letting is understandable and perfectly normal. However, as some have said – hopefully we can bring it in ourselves not to become like the 1 night revolutionary tribunals followed by El Paredons. The other problem is that there are so many guilty people, it might be 25 % of the population or 3 million Cubans. 🙁

  5. To me Cuba is special. I hold it near and dear to me.

    Cardinal, what fidel castro has done to Cuba is comparable to the worst crimes that other 20th century people have suffered. Perhaps he has not killed as many as other dictators, but we cannot judge the harm that castro has inflicted on the Cuban people solely by counting deaths [i.e. six million].

    The harm that castro has inflicted on the Cuban people should be judged ALSO by the psychic and physical harm he has caused the Cuban people and her nation:

    A] The perpetual debasement of the Cuban people for 50+ years that has destroyed their soul. I.E. Cubans have become 3rd class citizens in their own country, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights doesn’t apply to them, prostitution is rampant including child prostition….
    B] The destruction of Cuba’s national patrimony that took 500+ years to build up.
    C] The destruction of Cuba’s fauna and flora [widespread pollution of the environment].
    D] The destruction of Cuba’s ethnic communities: eradication of Cuba’s Galician, Asturian, Chinese, Jewish, Lebanese communites that so enriched the country.
    E] The elimination of industrious European migration to Cuba [i.e. at the time of the revolution there were 12 thousand pending-migrant Italians waiting to permanently move to Cuba].
    F] In 1959, Cuba was at the verge of becoming a full-fledged industrialized Cuba thus leaving behind any vestige of “third-worldism”. Castro nipped that at the bud.
    G] The persecution of Cuba’s greatest intellectuals and artists[people who would have been put on a pedestal in any other country and considered national treasures]: artists like: Virgilio Pinera, Jose Lezama Lima, Reinaldo Arenas, Guillermo Cabrera-Infante, etc…
    H] Turning what was once one of the beautiful cities in the world into a slum. Today Havana is a city of collapsed or falling buildings, cracked sidewalks, uncollected garbage, widespread vermin, open sewers and segregation [nationals and foreigners]. The elegance that it once exuded with its well-dressed and classy masses has been replaced by widespread chusmeria.
    I] The destruction of Cuba’s best families. All her philanthropic families have all left, people like the Bacardi’s, Batista-Fallas, Fanjul’s etc..
    J] The separation of hundreds of thousands of Cuban families many who have never been able to return. Olga Guillot and Celia Cruz comes to mind.
    K] The harm that he has inflicted on the exiles with his widespread slander campaigns, spread through Cuba’s embassies, its cultural attaches, it’s national press, it’s international conferences and symposiums, as well as through castro’s well-placed agents of influence who like a harmful virus are all over the world. Here in the USA we know them best as “Cuba experts.”

    The list could go on and on.

    Regarding the issue of bloodletting. I’m going to quote the left’s favorite slogan:

    No justice, no peace.

  6. George – how can you compare what the happened to the Jews to what Cubans went/are going through? There is zero comparison. 9.5 million Jews, 60% of the world’s Jewish population resided in Europe. There were ultimately only 3.5 million shortly after the war. The Castro regime may be evil but it is not genocidal. The people of Cuba may be suffering and be deprived of their rights but there are more of them today than there were in 1959. You can’t even compare that to anything done by Stalin, Mao or Pot. This is not to excuse Castro and his cronies it is just to get some perspective…just because it is important to us and may not be to the rest of the world.

    Pototo – this goes back to what I just said, Cuba is important to many in Miami, New Jersey and isolated spots around the world. In the great scheme of things, however, Cuba is just not that important. If it features prominently in the world scene it is merely because of the embargo. The day after the embargo is gone and Castro is dead, then the rest of the world really won’t give three craps about Cuba.

    Rayarena – there is no arguing with the fact Castro has done many of the things cited.

    A) is true B) is exaggerated – Cuba has always been a client state to one nation or another. The only time it has been without one was during the special period after the fall of USSR and before the rise of Chavez.

    C,D)true E)very true and a point not made often enough F,G,H,I,J,K) true.

    Finally you are quoting the line of the radical left not the left. Ever since South Africa set up its Truth and Reconciliation Commission other countries have followed suit. It has been the best way to resolve and study human rights abuses. It is critical that a future Cuba be built on a foundation of rule of law and yes justice. The focus should be on letting the truth come to light and punishment for the most grievous of crimes be prosecuted. Let not be forgotten that Patton and yes even Kissinger when he was a soldier in Germany worked with former Nazi party members to administer regions of Germany. They were the only ones with the know-how.

    This debate, however, may be purely academic. The outright collapse of the regime is not likely, despite the delusions posted here. The most opportune time for a collapse would have been around ’92. After Fidel the collapse is not imminent. The only efficient organs in Cuba are the military and the CDRs. You are not going to get the population rise up and revolt. I also guarantee you this…when Castro dies we will see a mourning the likes we have never seen. It will make us sick to our stomachs. Cubans will be wailing and crying and speaking of the emptiness in their lives. It is important to note that even after Stalin died that his people mourned him. It took over 15 years before German polls no longer found Hitler to be considered a great politician. Castro is all that these people have ever known and they will in some kind of sick way miss him.

    • “The Castro regime may be evil but it is not genocidal.”

      Perfect! Let’s just excuse ’em and get the party rolling! After all, a few thousand Cuban lives, using your sick, twisted logic, are irrelevant because castro’s not worthy of comparison to Hitler or Stalin or Pol Pot or Mao. He’s just a tinhorn dictator on a little insignificant island in the Caribbean. Why, he’s not genocidal at all!

      Cardinal, what needs to change is the mindset of folks like you that, by your very subtle words and stylings, excuse the regime in the minds of many and blame us, the exiles, because we don’t have the “right perspective.” FUCK PERSPECTIVE. FUCK NUANCE. What is wrong is wrong, whether it happens in Cuba or in Auschwitz or Cambodia. We will not stay quiet. If someone does not wish to understand, fuck them. I am sick and tired of us bearing the weight when fidel and raul and their murderers are to blame FOR EVERYTHING.

  7. George,
    Added to which, Cuba is a tiny country and he only had dominion over a small number and didn’t have the power to export his evil. So by percentages…..
    But Cardinal’s last paragraph is terrifying. And I hope it is not true of the whole country but only of a small part of the people. Egad – just consider all the fun Michael Moore and the left everywhere would have if that came true.

  8. oh please, I have never been confused for a product of academe.

    as for my last paragraph – I would hardly be surprised if the initial reaction is what I mentioned. Time would of course allow a critical and honest assessment to be reached but truth be told it would hardly be surprising. I think it does help that Castro has been whithering away for years and unlike years of yore the death of a totalitarian leader won’t come as a shock. It is not something that we have thought much of but we too need to be prepared for the likelihood of this happening. I brace myself for the coverage that CNN and MSNBC will giddily provide. Can’t you imagine Anderson Cooper in an open shirt broadcasting live from some balcony in Havana somewhere with a steady breeze messing up his hair? It will make you want to puke.

  9. Yes Cardinal,

    Yes we know the day Fidel Castro dies the MSM will mount an unprecedented, nauseating show that would make us puke but that won’t be my case because I’ll be way too freaking happy drinking champagne celebrating the death of that cagalitroso SOB that has brought so much blood, destruction, pain and tears to Cuba for the last 51 years.

  10. *Munches on popcorn*

    I love how we’re at our throats! Fidel divided us real good. Guys, back to the drawing board! Stop squabbling amongst yourselves. We have a common goal, we have to prepare for said goal, and work together towards this goal. Without our unity, we will have nothing to look forward to, Another tyrant will be sucked up in the power vacuum in Cuba and we will have to start all over again! We, the first, second, and third generations, must be in absolute agreement in seeing this regime’s final days. Like the Spartans’ phalanx maneuver, if one of us breaks rank or lets down their guard, all of us will fall. WE WILL FAIL if we keep divided. They laugh at us in Cuba They laugh at us in this country, the laugh at us all over the fucking world. “Look at those silly gusanos, they can’t make up their minds!” I fucking detest Democrat and Republican Cubans that bitch and moan at each other rather than having Cuba as their first priority and working together to plan for Cuba’s deciding moment when Cacastro breathes his last. Time to become ONE for a Free Cuba.And enough of about this bullshit in-fighting, it’s not getting us anywhere.

  11. About Genocide in Cuba. First of all, let’s look at what we do know. We know that Cuba is listed as stage 4 at Genocide Watch. We know that there are mass graves in Cuba. We know that for 51 years thousands upon thousands of Cubans have been imprisoned is Castro’s gulag under conditions and treatment that do not sustain life. How many have died therein? There is no way of knowing. How many Cubans have been executed beyond the very public el paredon? We do not know.
    But we do know this. Cuba is ruled by a murderous dictatorship that is known for the execution and barbaric treatment of anyone who dares to dissent. If early in the revolution before their power was absolute they bulldozed their victims into mass graves we can only imagine what has transpired since then. How many thousands upon thousands have perished in castro’s gulags? We do not know.
    Genocide should not, and morally cannot be judged by the number of victims. To deny the horrors of the castro dictatorship in comparison to Nazi Germany, or Stalin, etc is moot. Does anyone doubt that the castro’s have systematically murdered unknown numbers of Cuban citizens during their 51 year reign? Does anyone doubt that the castros have an organized method in place to eliminate large numbers of the population that dissent? How many Cubans have been murdered by castro inc?

    There is no way of knowning until the regime is gone, if then.

    The UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide Article II States:

    In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    Cuba is guilty as recorded at Genocide watch and by testimonies of witnesses of the horrors of Castrolandia. The body count, impossible to ascertain while the castro’s are still in power is irrevelant.

  12. “I am sick and tired of us bearing the weight when fidel and raul and their murderers are to blame FOR EVERYTHING.”

    Nailed it pitbull.

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