Canada’s selective sanctions

“The message was loud and clear and they heard it in Havana: Simcoe teenager Cody LeCompte is to be promptly released from his tropical detainment or the Canada/Cuba travel relationship that sees more than 600,000 Canadians visit the communist island each year will be put in jeopardy.

Canadians are its biggest tourism base. And Cuba needs that cash”.

But wait?……the MSM/Jeff Flake/ Cuba-Expert mantra has it that tourism to Cuba “promotes freedom” and “erodes repression”?

Well, the threat of it ending certainly promoted Cody LeCompte’s freedom. But how ’bout the Cuban peoples’ ? Hunh, Canada? Seeing as you feed Castro with such a large carrot, and seeing the effectiveness of threatening to wield your stick…

We well recall how you CHAMPIONED the embargo of South Africa.

We emphasize the importance of maintaining sanctions. Sanctions were imposed to help us end the apartheid system. It is only logical that we must continue to apply this form of pressure against the South African government.” That’s Nelson Mandela addressing (and thanking) the Canadian Parliament in June 1990 for imposing, and championing in every international forum, economic sanctions against South Africa.

Sanctions which punish Cuba are anathema to the international order to which we aspire!” That’s Nelson Mandela in Sept ‘98 while decorating Fidel Castro with “The Order of Good Hope,” South Africa’s highest civilian award.

More intransigence here.




5 thoughts on “Canada’s selective sanctions

  1. OK, so Canada is officially hypocritical, amoral and, in effect, a willing contributor to the oppression of the Cuban people, whom it apparently views as vacation resort accessories. Great. Another country on my shit list. It’s awfully crowded in there. Don’t you just love mankind?

  2. And is Mandela a piece of work or what? Sanctions to help him and his people in South Africa? Absolutely. Gotta have ’em. It’s a moral imperative to impose them. But similar sanctions to help the Cuban people get out from under a hellish totalitarian system? No way. Can’t have that. Might upset good friend Fidel. It’s such obvious, black-and-white (no pun intended) hypocritical bullshit that its acceptance by so many can only be explained by their being out-and-out sons of bitches. There’s really no other logical explanation.

  3. it’s interesting that castro was a big fan of the writings of benito mussolini, who used chemical weapons against black africans in ethiopia, and then castro ended up using chemical weapons against black africans in angola (while participating in genocide in ethiopia). – mandela sure picks some funny friends

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