WikiLeaks? How about WikiObvious?

Apparently, there are some that are surprised by the revelation detailed in some of the State Department documents leaked by WikiLeaks that the Venezuelan government is rife with Castro spies exerting their influence on Hugo Chavez and his 21st century thugocracy.

Leaked documents discuss Cuban spies, US concerns


CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Cuban intelligence agents have deep involvement in Venezuela and enjoy direct access to President Hugo Chavez, the U.S. Embassy said in a 2006 diplomatic cable that was classified as secret.

The document was among several posted online Tuesday by the newspaper El Pais of Spain as a growing list of sensitive U.S. government messages were released by WikiLeaks.

The Jan. 30, 2006, cable from then-U.S. Ambassador William Brownfield said that “Cuban intelligence officers have direct access to Chavez and frequently provide him with intelligence reporting unvetted by Venezuelan officers.”

Similar claims have been raised previously by Chavez’s critics, but U.S. officials have not publicly aired such concerns.

“The impact of Cuban involvement in Venezuelan intelligence could impact U.S. interests directly,” the report said. “Venezuelan intelligence services are among the most hostile towards the United States in the hemisphere, but they lack the expertise that Cuban services can provide. Cuban intelligence routinely provides the (Venezuelan government) intelligence reports about the activities” of U.S. government officials.

The embassy cable also said Venezuela’s DISIP domestic spy agency “may be taking advice from Cuban intelligence on the formation of a new intelligence service.” The DISIP has since been replaced by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service, named after independence hero Simon Bolivar — the inspiration of Chavez’s socialist-inspired Bolivarian Revolution movement.

“Cuban intelligence officers train Venezuelans both in Cuba and in Venezuela, providing both political indoctrination and operational instruction,” the report said, without citing sources. The cable said U.S. officials believed Cubans were training and advising Chavez’s military security detail, but said American diplomats at the time had “no credible reports of extensive Cuban involvement in the Venezuelan military.”

It also said there were reports that Chavez’s brother Adan, then the Venezuelan ambassador to Cuba, “may profit illicitly from the loan process” while Venezuela was financing food imports through a Havana branch of the Industrial Bank of Venezuela.

There was no immediate reaction from the Venezuelan government to the leaked documents.

It seems that some in the press consider this to be a “leaked revelation.” In reality, this isn’t a WikiLeak, but a WikiObvious. Those crazy, intransigent, hard-line, Cuban exiles have been reporting this news for years now. We have been warning Venezuelans as well as the U.S. government that Castro operatives have penetrated Chavez’ inner circle and for all intents and purposes, are calling the shots for him.

Of course, no one wants to listen to crazy, intransigent, hard-line Cuban exiles. Just like they didn’t want to listen when we told them the Soviet Union had nuclear missiles in Cuba.



3 thoughts on “WikiLeaks? How about WikiObvious?

  1. Alberto, my father’s comment when he heard this was “y a hora se dan cuenta?” It was so obvious to all of us that the revelation felt like old news.

  2. Assange looks like a mousy twerp who wants or needs something like this to feel big, powerful and important. He should have been shut down much earlier.

  3. EXACTLY my reaction, Alberto…what a revelation!….but then some things never change.

    “Don’t worry. We’ve infiltrated Castro’s guerrilla group in the Sierra Mountains. The Castro brothers and Ernesto “Che” Guevara have no affiliations with any Communists whatsoever.” (Havana CIA station chief Jim Noel 1958.)

    “Fidel Castro is not only NOT a communist –he’s a strong ANTI-Communist fighter! He’s ready to help us in the hemisphere’s anti-communist fight and we should share our intelligence with him!” (Gerry Drecher, the CIA’s expert on Latin American Communism after meeting with Fidel Castro in April 1959.)


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