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ANGARA~1Well at least I get to watch a bunch of idol wannabe’s make fools of themselves on American Idol tonight and I can laugh.
Last night, another American Idol who got his crown after, as Ryan Seacrest would say, “America Voted…”  did not make me laugh.
I remember back in June of ’08 when the audacious upstart from the land of Lincoln got into the finals after defeating his pant suited rival, he promised that we would remember that moment as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”
In the last two years, however, we’ve been treated to a snow job. Just take a look outside if you live anywhere in the North East.
I once called Obama a card carrying ñangara, Cuban slang for a utopian leftist commie. And again, last night, at least to my ears, that’s what he sounded like.
Like Raul Castro in Cuba, the president wants to reform and reenergize private sector employment and create jobs. And for the most part, he wants to do it through central planning, through government intrusion like in a command economy.
In the Castro’s Cuba, “private sector” jobs are being “created” by the state so that they can cut government spending (by laying off 500,000 Cubans) and increase tax revenues at the same time, (by heavily taxing the profits of the “private business”). An Orwellian doubleplusgood if there ever was one. Raul picks which industries can be in the “private sector” based on his totalitarian criteria. It’s a command private sector economy of sorts. At least in Raul’s scheme they regime gets out of the way, incurring none of the “investor’s” risk and gaining some of the benefits.
Obama’s version of a command free market is similar to Raul’s in that the state picks the industries it wants to create jobs in by “investing” in them. Let me explain this for the uninitiated: for ñangara revolutionaries, the markets or the rules of economics do not dictate the value of goods and services. It’s their revolutionary value that does.
Clean energy. It’s Revolutionary. It will heal the planet. We need to commit. It doesn’t matter if it’s not economically feasible. It’s clean. Clean is green.
We also want to “invest” in high speed rail because the Chinese do it or something. And…because it’s revolutionary. Whether there is a market for it or not it doesn’t matter because its revolutionary.
Then there’s “Obamacare.” Ok its an unconstitutional mistake that the majority of the citizens don’t want, but they don’t know what’s good for them. Lets move forward. “pa tras ni ‘pa cojer impulso.

The American economy is ready to be unleashed. It is in a state of suspended animation, waiting to see if the Obama administration is going to get out if the way and let it run free or if its going to try and plan it to go where into the realm of revolutionaries.

Last night’s State of the Union Address left no doubt that the latter is the case. History has plenty of examples that “ñangarism” doesn’t work.

Well, American Idol’s almost on….



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