Top U.S. diplomat in Cuba quite chummy with Fidel’s son


“Well, international diplomacy works that way,” you wanna think. “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.”

But something about the following pictures tells me that’s not the sentiment–at least from the U.S. side.

The gentleman in white is 3rd highest ranking U.S. diplomat in Cuba, Puerto Rican born Joaquín Monserratte, who founded and serves as President of the Cuban Smoking Club. Second from his right is Fidel Castro’s son, Tony. Second to his left is Ernesto Milanes, the son of former Vice Chief of Castro’s DGI. Ernesto, “a plastic artist” specializing in Che renditions, recently secured a U.S. visa, but apparently as “cultural ambassador” rather than “political refugee.”

Ernesto Milanes and Joaquin Monserratte again.

Try as I might I just can’t picture U.S. diplomat Monserratte growling: “Milanes is a Pimp!” But what Castro regime apparatchik, Milanes ( and Castro son, Tony) might snicker in private about Monserratte probably shames anything Don Corleone said about Don Tattaglia. What Mikey thought of the groveling Nevada Senator Pat Geary seems more likely.

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4 thoughts on “Top U.S. diplomat in Cuba quite chummy with Fidel’s son

  1. Look at the bottom photo. Closely. Monserrate is, ostensibly, a professional diplomat, and he works for a major government, not Ecuador. This would seem to require a certain degree of, uh, professionalism, including suitable restraint and circumspection. Does it seem normal or reasonable for him to be literally draped over a very dubious, shady character who fully looks that way, smiling ecstatically? Publicly, in front of a non-hidden camera, surrounded by booze? Is this a college frat party or what? Or is this, perhaps, a public display of affection, and not necessarily the bosom buddies kind? Could this be the reason the Cuban slime ball got his visa so suspiciously easily? Your State Department at work.

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