Air Cover from the U.S. and Europe for Libyan rebels in 2011–NONE for Cuban rebels in 1961

Sorry, but you Cuban guys at Giron and in the Escambray were too chusma for us. And in 1961 (as today) it’s strictly forbidden to meddle in Cuba’s “internal affairs,” and “violate her sovereignty.”… OK men!–suit up and fire the engines! We’re invading Libyan airspace and blasting Libyan tanks!….Jolly Good!”

Entire article on the newly-minted and fervent Interventionists here.

Probably as many rebels fought Castro in 1961 as are fighting Gadaffi in 2011–One MAJOR difference: reporters. Gadaffi has much to learn from his chum Castro. Bestowing all those Tripoli and Benghazi “press bureaus,” without adequate “paper-work” and “supervision” would be lesson 101.

Hiring a cadre of “Libya experts” would have also helped Gadaffi (the fool) tremendously.



5 thoughts on “Air Cover from the U.S. and Europe for Libyan rebels in 2011–NONE for Cuban rebels in 1961

  1. Once again, we are reminded, (not that we forget for a moment) that the slaughter of innocents is unacceptable, unless those innocents are Cuban. This aberration of humanity is the handiwork of fidel and his delusional groupies. What sickness, and only God knows how to end it.

  2. I’m thinking the `61 Cuban Rebels didn’t have jihad and global caliphat as their agenda.

    I am trusting nothing devolving over in that part of the world in the last couple/few months.


    Makes you wonder how Obama and the rest of the Western world would react if the Cuban people began battling castro with their limited means, and he started brutalizing them in the streets and throwing them in filthy prisons to starve … Oh, what?

  3. President Kennedy lacked the proper leadership skills and character. He downsized the initial air strike of the Bay of Pigs from 16 planes to 6 and refused to resupply the men on the beach because he was concerned about how that “intervention” would affect his image in Latin America and at home. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy negotiated from a position of weakness. In exchange for the Soviets removing 42 missiles with 20 nuclear warheads from Cuba, Kennedy dismantled 104 U.S. nuclear missiles in Turkey, Italy, and Great Britain; allowed a Soviet combat brigade of 2,000 soldiers to indefinitely remain in Cuba in violation of the Monroe Doctrine; publicly promised that the U.S. would never again invade Cuba; and persecuted and prosecuted Cuban exiles fighting to overthrow the Castro dictatorship.

  4. Air strikes on Cuba? Oh, no. That would be interfering. Besides, that might bring the picturesquely decadent, frozen-in-time, would-be socialist utopian theme park to an end. Can’t have that. I mean, what would be left as an alternative? North Korea? Please. Get real. Think of all those moronic Canadian tourists, and all those Europeans looking for cheap sex of every variety imaginable. Where would they go? It would simply be too cruel. Oh, and all the Latin “brothers.” They’d be absolutely heartbroken if dear Fidel and his socialist wonderland tanked. No more photo opportunities for all those Latin American presidents with the “Great Man” in Havana, among other things. And what would become of the legion of “Cuba experts” like Wayne Smith and Julia Sweig? It’s just too horrible to think about. And then there’s the Hollywood crowd, the MSM, the Congressional Black Caucus, the leftist academics, the ever-so-righteous liberal religious groups…In other words, don’t even think about it. If you do, that only means you’re one of “those people,” and everyone knows they don’t count (except maybe at election time).

    And yes, kennedy was a disgrace as president, a photogenic fraud. Camelot my ass.

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