An Idiot Abroad: Free the 5 and Fidel my old friend

El ex presidente de EEUU, Jimmy Carter, hoy en Cuba.-

During a press conference today, which came at the conclusion of his trip to communist Cuba, America’s own traveling idiot, Jimmy Carter, lived up (or down) to his reputation of being an idiot and an insensitive dolt. Bypassing ancillary issues such as the lack of freedom on the island and the enslavement of 11-million Cubans, Carter instead demanded that the U.S. release the Cuban 5. Those are the same five convicted Cuban spies who are serving prison time for espionage and the murder of four innocent American pilots who were shot down over international waters by Castro MiGs.

Via EFE (my translation):

Although he had claimed it was not the intention of his visit to the country, Jimmy Carter also asked for the release of the American aid worker Alan Gross, who has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for subversion. The former president also demanded the release of the five Cuban agents sentenced years ago in the U.S. for espionage.

And if anyone is still doubting Carter’s idiot credentials, we have this from the AP:

In addition to meeting Gross, Carter also sat down Wednesday with Cuban revolutionary icon Fidel Castro, a day after holding talks with President Raul Castro.

“We welcomed each other as old friends,” Carter said of the meeting with the 84-year-old former Cuban leader.

Mere words cannot describe the disgust I am feeling at this moment.



16 thoughts on “An Idiot Abroad: Free the 5 and Fidel my old friend

    • To call for the release of five men convicted of spying against your country, who are accessories to the murders of four of his fellow countrymen, is so utterly immoral and anti-American that it defies description. If this statement on the Cuban Five actually came out of Carter’s mouth, it represents the single-most despicable thing I’ve ever heard a an ex US President utter on foreign soil.

  1. Ah, being anti-embargo is no longer enough. Now one has to demand the release of duly convicted criminals. Check. “We welcomed each other as old friends.” Nice, Jimmy. Truly choice. Of course we knew you felt that way, but some of us might have thought you’d be a bit more, uh, discreet. Well, at your age, I guess you figure “Fuck propriety; I’m just gonna be me.” Disgust, Alberto? Try revulsion. But there’s really nothing to say here; Carter’s infamy speaks, or rather screams, for itself.

  2. I am sick to my stomach! I bet you that this Peanuts doesn’t even know what the 5 did, he just wants to please the Castros.
    What a bastard. I’ve never liked him, I don’t believe in his humanitarian credentials and I believe he is a communist disguised. Trust me, his trip to Cuba is to bring to the Castros the knews that the embargo is lifted by the actual president, who is another communist. That’s why all the secrecy from the sold Yoani and the ones who went to meet with him.
    Alberto, like you, I am going to poor a glass of wine and drink it slowly,listen to Vivaldi and forget about this idiot.


  3. Put the Cuban 5 on a Cessna, with an F-22 chase and when you get to the 26 pararell blow the living crap out of them, an eye for an eye my firend.

    If Obama frees the 5 Cuban murders for Alan Gross, he is a coward and traitor.

  4. Sickened beyond words. We shouldn’t be surprised. Finally Carter has a soulmate in the White House. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors about the secret deal to supply weapons to the Libyan rebels, some of whom are al-Qaeda, and Muslim Brotherhood. We come a long way since 9-11. Are you missing President Bush yet?

  5. So Carter flys to Cuba and demands the release of comrades…
    The only thing missing from this story is him highjacking a plane to
    get there for the LULZ.

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