An Idiot Abroad: You can’t expect an idiot to be smart

It is unreasonable to expect an idiot to have any semblance of intelligence, and honestly, for any of us to have expected Jimmy Carter to behave with any modicum of intellect during his visit to Cuba would have been unreasonable. Nevertheless, for most of us, myself included, our never ending optimism plunged us into a trap of hoping not that Carter would say or do something intelligent, but that he would make it through the 3-day trip without saying or doing something really stupid. Unfortunately, stupid is as stupid does, and in the end, Carter’s obtuseness and sheer idiocy won out over reason and decency and he finished the trip by embarrassing himself, the U.S., and the Cuban people all while propping up a regime with a 52-year long record of brutality.

Here are more statements and coverage of Jimmy Carter, the American Traveling Idiot’s visit to communist Cuba and his loving embrace of a murderous and despicable regime:

Statement from the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC:

Statement from the US-Cuba Democracy PAC on President Carter’s Call for the Release of the “Cuban Five”:

In a press conference today from Havana, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter missed an opportunity to call for the freedom of the Cuban people from the brutal Castro dictatorship. Instead, he chose to criticize U.S. policy and call for the release of five Cuban agents (“the Cuban Five”) convicted by U.S. federal juries of espionage and, in one case, conspiracy to commit murder.

In doing so, President Carter has tragically implied an equivalency between the “Cuban Five” and the case of American development worker Alan Gross, who was unjustly imprisoned by the Castro regime for helping Cuba’s Jewish community connect to the Internet — a fundamental human right enshrined under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

President Carter’s unfortunate remarks are a huge disservice to efforts for Mr. Gross’s release and to the cause of human rights internationally.

The Herald’s Juan O. Tamayo disappointingly buries Carter’s scandalous and despicable demand for the release of the Cuban 5 at the end of his story:

Former President Jimmy Carter gave Cuban dissidents “a clear message of recognition and moral support’’ during meetings Wednesday with opposition figures that ranged from young blogger Yoani Sanchez to traditional activist Oscar Elias Biscet.

Carter also met with jailed U.S. government subcontractor Alan P. Gross, but told a news conference that he would not be taking Gross home when he left Cuba and that he favors ending all U.S. sanctions on the island.

The 86-year-old former president and his wife Rosalynn left Havana later Wednesday after a three-day visit in which he also met with Cuban ruler Raúl Castro, his brother Fidel Castro and Catholic church Cardinal Jaime Ortega.


During his end-of-visit news conference, Carter repeated his opposition to all U.S. sanctions on Cuba, saying they only hurt the island’s people, said he hoped Havana would eventually respect all international agreements on human rights and called for the release of five Cuban spies held in U.S. prisons.

Statement from U.S. Congressman Michael Grimm (R-NY):

U.S. Congressman Michael Grimm (R-NY) released the following statement on former President Jimmy Carter’s 3-day visit to Cuba:

“President Carter’s trip to Cuba should have been an opportunity to denounce the atrocities carried out over almost of half a century of a dictatorship rule. Instead of trying to create a bond with Castro, Carter should be taking a stand for America and the spread of freedom and democracy to one of our most oppressed neighbors. He can start by calling for the release of U.S. government contractor Alan Gross, who is being held captive by Castro’s oppressive regime, and speak out against the reprehensible acts that have gone on for far too long.

It’s disheartening that Cuba has become a symbol of everything that is anti-America. What was once a beautiful country full of life and aspiration has become a deteriorated nation, isolated from its neighbors. The limits to freedom that were imposed by Fidel Castro over a half a century ago, are now carried on in full force by his brother. I stand with all Cuban-Americans, in denouncing the Castro legacy of dictatorship that continues to suppress the freedoms, health, and livelihood of the Cuban people.”



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