Poohing on Portia

Darn! What a bummer. The socialist paradise on the Caribbean is being sucked into a 52 year – wide black hole of its own creation and some self centered “reporter” by the name of Portia Siegelbaum, who must have graduated from the Anita Snow School of communist propaganda regurgitation, is so bummed she felt compelled to write about it for CBS News.

Poor Portia seems peeved that some of the Cubans who once had enough sense to pin their “hope” on [f]idel are now “pooh pooh-ing” the slow pace of the “second revolution” (?!?) because the “contemplated changes” are not going “far or fast enough.” The nerve of these pissant proletariats to expect their leaders to act after …I don’t know…a half century?!?!

The Cuban people just don’t get it, you see. They, unlike Portia, don’t understand that they are a burden to the state:

As the Communist Party convenes its 6th Congress this weekend its stated priority is revamping the economy to increase production and efficiency, while implementing austerity measures to ease the burden on this long-time paternalistic State.

The State is “paternalistic” not totalitarian, autocratic, militaristic or even authoritarian. PATERNALISTIC. The 52 year beating it’s been giving the Cuban people was for their own good and it hurt [f]idel more than it hurt its victims…and this of course is burdensome. Wow.

And those burdensome revolutionary fledglings that are about to kicked out of the collective nest, they are panicked:

The older generations who have been told to live a certain way for more than five decades cannot suddenly wrap their minds around a new approach to life that demands they fend for themselves.

To Portia, it’s not the unfeasibility and the illegitimacy of a system that has to force its citizens to participate in its absurdity that makes it not work and crumble under its own bloated weight. No, to her, it’s the lack of “idealism” and “sprit of unity” (oh boy…she forgot to mention lack of willingness to sacrifice-what an amateur…) of the “new man” and uncontrollable outside factors, (reality), that is perverting the ideals of [c]astro’s (forced) utopia. Gee, not falling for a tired line of crap and a bankrupt ideology is called intelligence, but to members of a cult, reason doesn’t exist. And don’t worry, Portia “papa” is still going to tell the Cuban people what to do.

Some of the outside factors are:

Cuban exiles who send money to their family in friends thus creating a new class in the classless society where only the ruling class and sycophantic foreign journalists have hard currency.

Then there’s technology…the internet…the wild colt that must be tamed… corralled… because of it those un-idealistic and materialistic young Cubans know that they’ve been forced to ingest a life long crap sandwich while the escaped friends abroad eat steak.

It must take a very special person to experience life in Cuba today, write about it, and not once mention repression, oppression, abuses, hunger, pain and suffering.

It must take an even more special person to blame the victims- the kind that feels good about herself by freely walking around a prison, going to the manicurist with a pocket full of hard cash and a belly full of fine food and resenting the inmates for wanting to change the system that makes her feel so good about herself.



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