Once Again The TSA Proves They are Full of Crap

It was just a month ago a video of a 6 year old little girl being body groped, and pawed inside her underpanties by a TSA agent, was outraging the majority of folks who get their news on the internet. Maybe you didn’t hear (mostly because the other news venues don’t really want to show the administration being called on the carpet for a government-backed security team basically molesting a child in public while her parents stood by as obedient-bots) but republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations Subcommittee is demanding answers from DHS Sec. Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano:

“I am still failing to see how the [officer’s] actions followed TSA’s publicly stated policy that children under the age of 13 are exempt from enhanced pat-downs and are to receive modified treatment. If the department has indeed conducted a thorough review of the incident, then I ask that it immediately produce its step-by-step analysis and findings to this subcommittee,” Chaffetz says in a May 5 letter to Napolitano.

“On a related matter, I am also concerned that the department’s process and criteria for hiring personnel stationed at airports are substandard. For example, federal agents recently arrested Philadelphia International Airport screener Thomas Gordon Jr. for distributing child pornography via Facebook,” Chaffetz says, “The fact that Mr. Gordon had an opportunity to conduct invasive pat-downs of young children is sickening.”

Chaffetz also asks for explanations, to be answered by May 20, including:

  • TSA’s current policy on enhanced pat-downs for children under 13, and its policy the day Drexel was given an enhanced pat-down
  • What a “modified” enhanced pat-down consists of, since on the video of Drexel’s pat-down appears the same as a normal enhanced pat-down
  • A complete description of TSA’s hiring process
  • A list of all TSA employees who have been arrested for, and convicted of, crimes, including sexual crimes

Well, hold the phone (as they say), Rep. Chaffetz, and be sure to have this photo blown up to wall poster-size and perched on a stand in front of Big Sis, and DEMAND her reasoning for it …


Because I fail— No, I REFUSE to understand the reasoning used in this search.

Rev. Jacob Jester had just uneventfully passed through and cleared the TSA screening procedure at Kansas City International Airport. As he looked back he witnessed the TSA searching the 8 month-old baby, and snapped the photo as the mother stood by.

“I thought it was a curious situation,” said Jester, a pastor at a youth ministry in Independence. “I have a son about the same age — 8 months old — and I thought that I would not want that to happen to my own child.”

Jester had just cleared security Saturday afternoon on his way to Albuquerque, N.M., when he saw that the woman and young baby were about to be searched. The baby’s stroller had “alarmed” during explosives screening.

Jester tweeted his picture with the message: “Just saw #tsa agents patting down a little baby at @KCIAirport Pretty sure that’s extreme.”

As usual, the TSA took the stand that nothing unusual, out of the ordinary, or even remotely and disgustingly fascist-in-nature took place:

The Transportation Security Administration, which has contracted with FirstLine Transportation Security to handle screening, issued a statement saying the officers followed proper procedures.

After the stroller set off the alarm, “officers followed protocol to conduct additional screening on members of the family, who were very cooperative,” the TSA said.

The agency said it has been reviewing its policies “to streamline and improve the screening experience for low-risk populations, such as younger passengers.”

Well, TSA and Big Sis at the DHS, how about starting here, huh?

Historically, American citizens have never, do not, nor will they ever use their babies and children as weapons. Oh, I know … The antiwar left claims our military troops are “children” (and in their next breath “baby-killers”), but the antiwar left are a bunch of brain-dead, detrimental, unelected idiots who have pushed the PC BS so hard on this country that they also are to blame for children being groped and leered-at down their nether regions (in an age of desperately trying to protect our children from being victims of strangers and child molesters) by the TSA. The TSA in this nation are NOT allowed to use the one enhanced and effective method (successfully used by Israel) “profiling”.

“After the stroller set off the alarm, “officers followed protocol to conduct additional screening on members of the family, who were very cooperative,” the TSA said….”

And exactly WHAT “alarm” was it? A bomb-sniffer dog? Because a dog would be more effective … and no worries the dogs would be ‘profiling’ any person by race or religion or culture. But there seems to be a resistence to using dogs. I can only guess it’s because some ‘cultures’ find dogs offensive and unclean. And what substance was ‘detected’ on the stroller by this device? What is/are the criteria for this device’s detection of which substances? Perhaps it was fertilizer? It is spring, and fertilizer is in heavy use everywhere. Maybe the stroller was used recently at a garden nursery, or rolled across an area/lawn that had been recently fertilized … even at the airport on the way inside? Hell, if fertilizer is the criteria this would be discriminatory of anyone wearing a soiled diaper, baby or adult. But why wasn’t the baby then subjected to this alarm device, sans the stroller??? Why wasn’t the stroller thoroughly searched and the baby left alone?

We are being conditioned to accept this invasion of our bodies, and those especially of our children. Right now DHS and the DOJ are working behind the scenes to establish such TSA set-ups at the nation’s train centers, in response to the alleged information ‘collected’ from Osama’s ‘mansion’ in Pakistan. It’s also being considered for sports venues and shopping malls.

Meanwhile, while the TSA is peeping and probing children inside the airport terminals, the airline pilots are understandably taking the captain’s initiative and removing people from their planes. Yes, they are practicing ‘profiling’, and again understandably, because the terror organizations have threatened attacks in retaliation for Osama Bin Laden’s US Navy SEAL “double-tap”. You see these passengers don’t need bombs or box cutters to spread ‘terror’ in the minds/hearts/souls of the American airline industry in order to get them to completely submit to their will. No, they have the threat of lawsuits to do that for them if you even dare question them … especially in the extreme manner the rest of the traveling public is being subjected to.

And whether it is a terror scout being sent out on a dry-run, or a lone pissed-off attacker, the defined threat is still smacking us square in the face, but we are NOT allowed to say its name … and the MSM is making sure they hold up their end of this Politically Correct suicide pact …

His family claims it’s all a misunderstanding … he was just looking for the plane’s bathroom. But last I heard “Allahu Akbar” was translated into “God/Allah is great”, not “Where is the john? I’m going to crap myself!”

Thankfully the pilots and alert (and recently ticked-off by TSA-groping) passengers are willing to take the risk of the PC police in the government supposedly ‘protecting’ us …

View more videos at: http://nbcbayarea.com.

At what point do parents man-up and simply refuse these searches on their children? If the TSA gets their hackles up the parents should then demand a full and immediate refund from the airline. Completely resist any further attempts by TSA and airport security to push the scan/grope issue. Demand the refund and an unadulterated exit for the family from the airport. Carry the phone number of a local lawyer to speed dial.

After all, if the Imams can use lawyering-up as a weapon against having their personal spaces invaded, or their ability to be on a flight impeded … so can we. Just do it …

“additional screening on members of the family, who were very cooperative

Or, just do it, obedient-bots.

By the way, before anyone starts tossing the old “You choose to fly … You don’t have to fly” argument at me … What next? The train? The mall/store? The game?

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