The hypocrisy of Socialists (and libs and progressives) personified

All of us know in our guts that lefties are a hypocritical bunch, always asking for sacrifice and more of our earned treasure, while trying to minimize their share. The story below, about the disgraced “socialist” IMF chief just proves what thinking and reasoning people know, beyond a reasonable doubt and moral certainty:

Apparently there’s some good money to be made with a career as a professional Socialist. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French Socialist Party’s formerly best hope for president and former International Monetary Fund chief now sits in a $50,000 a month townhouse rental in Manhattan’s Tribeca district in the wake of his Picasso-collecting heiress wife posting $1 million bail and $5 million bond. This doesn’t include the $280,000 monthly bill for detectives and lawyers in a bid to clear him of charges of allegedly sexually assaulting a maid at a luxury NYC hotel.

All this flaunting of wealth by someone who was supposed to be the best hope for the great unwashed French masses has forced his party to acknowledge the disconnect. Benoit Hamon, the Socialist Party’s spokesman, says that he “understands that this could shock millions of French.”

Color me personally unshocked, Benoit. Strauss-Kahn – or “DSK” – is a longtime French civil servant. Climbing to the pinnacle of public service and politics is how the left gets rich – and it’s really the only way they can do so, aside from marrying rich or inheriting wealth, because their business model doesn’t really allow for much else without delving into capitalist activities. Even the universally recognized symbol of extreme leftism, Che Guavara [sic], was a product of Argentine high-society and invested in a yacht company before setting out to lead the peasants in revolution against capitalism.



One thought on “The hypocrisy of Socialists (and libs and progressives) personified

  1. Uh, so “millions of French” didn’t know this SOB lived VERY high on the hog? Please. France is a fairly small country. The pathetic wife is one of the richest women in France. He routinely wears suits costing many thousands of euros. He’s the head of the IMF, and the M does not stand for Missionary. His whole facial demeanor and attidude reeks of arrogance and a life of privilege. Everybody knew he had a “sex problem,” including the Missus. The guy is like a cross between Bill Clinton and John Kerry, on steroids. Give me a break.

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