Totally Tubular Twitter: May The Schwartz Be With You

Okay … Okay, I held off of this kibbles and bits story for the most part, but I’ll toss it out there now.

Over the long holiday weekend the very mouthy, rude, and most times anti-social Rep. Anthony Weiner (NY-D) made the blog news (not to be confused with the old media news, who seem to not give a damn because of the “D” after the name) with the story of Weiner’s excited wiener being tweeted on Twitter to some lass across the country that he is allegedly having a less than cordial acquaintance with.

The Congressman is claiming his Twitter account was hacked (WARNING: Tweeted thingy photo therein), and the photo is not of his TSA fodder. And Sen. Chuck Schumer appears to be an expert on Weiner’s wiener, assuring the Congressional member in question is not Weiner’s. Chuckie’s “virtually certain” of this, ya know. Damn that Congressional shower

Weiner says the Twitter account was ‘hacked’, but others are beginning to note how the Congressman is in no hurry to have the hacking investigated.

But of all the established media news organizations, only CNN seems marginally interested in what Rep. Weiner says is a non-story:

Well, even IF it is Congressman Weiner’s schwartz I can pretty much bet he will not follow the path of another Congressman out of New York who felt the need to use social media to make himself appear “all that” with the ladies. But then, Rep. Anthony Weiner is a democrat … and as we know THAT’S different.

I guess we have left the era of “Show us your boobs!” and entered the fools golden age of “Here’s my junk … What’s your hurry?”

Personally, I could have easily gone through the rest of my life not having to even consider the existence of, let alone the appearance of, Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (NY-D) schwartz. I find the guy annoying as hell enough without pondering him locked and loaded on Twitter.

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  1. If this kind of thing (no pun intended) starts being used against respectable public officials of any political persuasion, it is a tyranny of its own sort. And I find it disgusting, not because of the subject matter, but because of the easy invasion.

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